Month: January 2020

Shaping Unique IQ: Core values

Unique IQ's core values

Our core values help to create a template of what our business is about; creating a picture for clients to understand what we offer, how we approach the development of our products and client support, as well as how we manage team and individual performances. Read on to find out more and to gain an… Read more »

5 workforce trends in home care 2020

Home care workforce trends 2020

2020 is set to bring continued growth in the domiciliary care industry. From increased demand, to wage increases, to technology-enabled care, we take a look at some of the biggest trends expected to affect the home care workforce in 2020. More job vacancies Health and social care dominated the rankings of fastest-growing jobs in 2019,… Read more »

Mobile apps and their benefits for remote workforces

Happy cleaner holding a smartphone

Mobile apps are used across the world to help boost business productivity and operations, including managing a remote workforce. We take a look at the top ways mobile technology has brought together task information, worker safety and client satisfaction into one ‘appy’ solution and how these can benefit your business.   Information at the fingertips To-do… Read more »

2020s to see huge boom in older workers

Older office worker

One of the biggest trends to emerge so far this decade is the growth in the number of over 65s remaining in the workforce. Recent data from the ONS predicts that by 2030 over half of the UK’s workforce growth will come from people aged 65 or over. This is expected to increase to two… Read more »