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A real time workforce management system for contract cleaning companies. Manage the full job lifecycle from scheduling calls, to attendance monitoring, through to calculating payroll – reducing reliance on manual or paper-based procedures.


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Unique IQ’s workforce management software provides a complete solution for contract cleaning businesses needing to manage mobile and remote workers.

With our electronic call monitoring software IQ:timecard, managers can see a real-time overview of current jobs, create digital timesheets and rosters, and process payroll, leave requests and mileage claims. Meanwhile, cleaning staff out in the field can use the IQ:timecard mobile app to auto clock in and out, view important information relating to their task list and plan journeys between appointments.

The seamless transition between our web-based system and mobile app means you can see the status of your entire mobile workforce in an instant, whilst they have the critical details they need to do their job fully and safely. Find out more

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1. Mobile workforce management

Streamline the way you manage your remote cleaning workforce by using IQ:timecard to access timesheets, rotas, payroll and leave all in one place.

Manage jobs – create appointments and set tasks for your entire workforce, updating in bulk or on an ad-hoc basis. View weekly rotas, with colour-coded filtering by employee, location or both.

Set pay rates – centrally control individual pay rates based on contract terms and set default mileage routes and charges.

Maintain staff records – store and access employee information securely and keep up-to-date HR records including scheduled leave and contracted hours.

Accurately calculate payroll – generate payroll calculations automatically from electronic timesheets and mileage reports, guarding against payroll fraud.

Extensive reporting platform – produce a wide range of reports including scheduled hours vs hours worked, completed and failed calls and National Living Wage compliance reports.

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2. A tool for mobile workers

Cleaning staff can use the IQ:timecard MOBILE app whilst out on jobs to access the information they need.

Auto clock in and out – populate timesheets in an instant by using the IQ:timecard MOBILE app (or landline for non-smartphone users), with a GPS lock to guarantee a high degree of location accuracy.

View schedules – see upcoming jobs, task lists and useful information such as contact numbers and key safe details.

Journey planning – calculate routes and journey times using popular navigation apps such as Google or Apple maps.

Mileage claims – accurately calculate mileage based on journeys travelled, at either the end of a job or a later date.

Record notes – add notes to tasks via voice-to-text input or free typing.

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3. Time and attendance monitoring

Get an up-to-the-minute picture of your mobile cleaning workforce by logging into your IQ:timecard account.

Live status dashboard – view current job status and productivity at a glance on the IQ:timecard dashboard.

Real-time alerts – receive instant notifications via text or email if someone fails to turn up for a job or starts late.

Manage by exception – set warning flags for jobs that don’t meet a set criteria, such as a failed clock out or an unrecognised number. ‘Quarantine’ these jobs until the exception is resolved.

Smart filtering – search and monitor jobs by filtering on a range of criteria, including date and time, location or employee.

Instant messaging – send texts to individual team members or message in bulk, straight from IQ:timecard.

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Benefits for contract cleaning companies:
Real-time workforce management
Automated attendance tracking
Visual performance dashboard
Centralised business intelligence
Instant notifications
Increased lone worker safety
Reduced payroll fraud
Compliance reporting
Customisable interface
Android and iOS mobile apps