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Managing software implementation in your business

As a supplier of technology, we’ve helped countless home care providers manage and coordinate software implementation. And we know that it’s not easy. From choosing the right software to finding the right partners, and to getting everyone in your organisation on board – it’s a long journey fraught with pitfalls. 

It can be especially hard for independent home care providers or smaller-scale operations, as quite often the task of digitising the business might be left up to someone that also has a full-time day job – like the Registered Manager or a Care Coordinator. And let’s face it – there are 101 other things to do before they can even think about planning a software project. But that’s not to say it’s not hard for bigger care providers or franchisees too – because at the end of the day, managing a software implementation project doesn’t come along every day.

That’s why we’ve gathered our experts – our Project Managers, our development team and our operations experts to help put together a complete and easy to follow guide that covers the strategies and processes you’ll need in order to implement home care software in your business successfully.

Download your copy of 'Implementing care software'

‘Implementing care software’ is a comprehensive guide and workbook to help anyone that works in a home care business to work through a cohesive and simplified project plan – that will ensure that they can find and implement new software in a clear and organised way. 

Filled with insightful articles and interactive tasks to follow – ‘Implementing care software’ breaks down the complex process of managing software implementation into four bitesize steps.

Chapter 1 – Planning a project

Chapter 2 – Choosing a provider

Chapter 3 – Implementing and adopting

Chapter 4 – Evaluating

So, whether you are embarking on your first-ever software implementation project, or you are looking to move to a new supplier and would like to take ownership of the project but don’t know where to start – it’s time to download our free guide.