Managing software implementation in a home care business

As a supplier of technology, we’ve helped countless home care providers manage and coordinate software implementation. And we know that it’s not easy. From choosing the right software to finding the right partners, and to getting everyone in your organisation on board – it’s a long journey fraught with pitfalls. 

It can be especially hard for independent home care providers or smaller-scale operations, as quite often the task of digitising the business might be left up to someone that also has a full-time day job – like the Registered Manager or a Care Coordinator. And let’s face it – there are 101 other things to do before they can even think about planning a software project. But that’s not to say it’s not hard for bigger care providers or franchisees too – because at the end of the day, managing a software implementation project doesn’t come along very often.

That’s why we’ve gathered our experts – our project managers, our development team and our operations experts to help put together a complete and easy-to-follow guide that covers the strategies and processes you’ll need in order to implement home care software in your business successfully.

Blogs to help you navigate the process of software implementation

If you would like to read more about software implementation in a home care business – check out our comprehensive series of blogs. Covering everything from planning implementation, selecting a provider, adoption processes and evaluation.

Planning a software implementation project

Whatever your organisation’s setup, making a software decision is a big responsibility. And making the wrong decision can be costly. Planning is important as it identifies the goals, deadlines, essential requirements, risks and milestones of a project – helping you deliver the results you want.

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  • Deciding what you need from home care software
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  • Making a business case for new software
    Before you set out to explore software options for your home care business, it’s important to be clear about the reasons for wanting new software. This is called ‘making a business case’. Not only will this help you communicate your needs to stakeholders in your business, but it will also… Read more »

Choosing a software provider

It’s now time to start your search for the right software provider for you. In a perfect world, you’d probably want a bespoke system that completely meets all of your needs. But in reality, developing software from scratch is expensive, time-consuming and risky.

  • Choosing the right software company for your home care business
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  • Making software an easy choice for your home care business
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Implementing and adopting software

At this stage, you will be working closely with your provider towards implementing the software. But as a project leader, it’s sensible to understand the timeline of deployment and who will need to be involved at each stage.

  • Training your care team for new software
    Getting employees used to new software and systems can be tough, perhaps even more so in a home care business – but it’s not impossible. And while the transition period for training your team for new software is often the hardest part, once your employees are comfortable and confident in… Read more »
  • Mapping out a software implementation process in a care business
    When introducing a brand new software system into a business, you need time to prepare and implement it properly. Not only will you need to help your employees transition over to a new platform, but you’ll also need to understand how different processes and departments may be affected by the… Read more »
  • How to adopt new software in a home care business
    Whether you are completely new to digitisation in your care agency, or you are switching to a new software provider, technological change is always a challenge. Preparing your team for new software is a crucial step in getting your software implementation journey right. There may be excitement about adoption, apprehension… Read more »
  • Finding digital champions in your home care agency
    What is a digital champion? A digital champion is someone in your organisation, often a volunteer, that helps promote digital initiatives in your business. They do this by sharing their knowledge and skills with colleagues or service users through demonstrations, seminars, buddying or shadowing.  Digital champions are the go-to people… Read more »

Evaluating software implementation

An evaluation can help you figure out what works and doesn’t work in your business, what lessons can be learned for the future, and assess whether the implementation has been a success.

  • Evaluating a software implementation project
    Getting to the end of a big software implementation project might feel like you’re crossing the finish line to a marathon but just like a marathon, it’s not the time to collapse on the ground in exhaustion. In reality, it’s the point at which you should take stock and figure… Read more »

So, whether you are embarking on your first-ever software implementation project, or you are looking to move to a new supplier and would like to take ownership of the project but don’t know where to start – it’s time to get in touch