IQ:timecard - the electronic call monitoring system

A complete electronic call monitoring system for remote workforces, which allows you to log employee visits via landline or mobile.


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IQ:timecard, management software for remote workers, gives businesses the ability to monitor, schedule and manage field staff via one centralised system. Ideally suited to the domiciliary care, contract cleaning, facilities management and security sectors, our web-based solution enables you to set appointments and tasks for your workforce, monitor attendance and service delivery, and make accurate payroll calculations with ease.

The call monitoring system seamlessly oversees your remote workforce in real-time, triggering instant alerts if an employee is late or misses an appointment. Thanks to the two-way dialogue features, communication between remote workers and the managing office is easy. The need for paper-based systems and manual process are eliminated, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM)

Automate clocking in and out. Using IQ:timecard’s electronic call monitoring system, employees can clock-in and clock-out of a planned appointment or visit via a landline or mobile. Our freephone telephony system uses landline verification to ensure that your employees are clocking in and out of the correct location. Alternatively, our mobile app solution uses a GPS lock to ensure staff are in the right place, and can be configured to your required distance accuracy.

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Mileage tracking

Calculate mileage with precision. IQ:timecard’s mileage calculation system automatically determines how many miles your employees are travelling based on postcode mapping. Set-up mileage claim rules, such as cost per mile, passenger charges and whether to calculate mileage based on planned or actual journeys taken. Once programmed, you can generate mileage claim reports for your employees automatically, speeding up payroll and ensuring accurate payments.

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Real time notifications

Manage your workforce in real time. Office or management staff are alerted immediately when an employee is late or has missed shift, enabling you to respond to the situation quickly. Alerts can also be sent out to employees, notifying them of upcoming shifts or roster changes. Location and contact details for each appointment are contained within each alert, including the ability to contact either the client or the employee direct from the message, via email or text. Custom messages can also be sent out in bulk to all employees.

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Lone worker safety

Provide reassurance to lone workers. Use our real time alert functionality to meet health and safety obligations and give reassurance that lone workers are safe, especially late at night or when visiting service users with challenging behaviour. The GPS capabilities of our mobile app make it possible to track the last known location of lone workers.

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Activity planning

Provide clear direction to your team. Schedule appointments or visits for your remote workforce, allocating tasks to be completed at each call. Create and update job schedules in bulk, replicating appointments in a just a few easy clicks. Timetables and task lists can be pushed directly to an employee’s mobile phone, giving them all the information they need to carry out the day’s duties at their fingertips. Likewise, employees can record the activities undertaken and add any relevant notes, for office staff to review and analyse.

For the care industry, this includes electronic medication administration (eMAR) and digital care plans.

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Compliance reporting

Demonstrate service delivery. Produce National Minimum Wage/Living Wage compliance reports quickly and efficiently in order to ensure you are meeting current legislation with regards to employee pay. Demonstrate that tasks have been completed according to SLAs, or in accordance with Care Quality Commission guidelines. IQ:timecard also offers an extensive library of workforce reporting, including annual leave, mileage and average hours worked, as well as the option to customise reports as required.

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