How IQ:caremanager can help home care agencies plan care provision

While it’s easy to say that software can simplify home care planning, we know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Planning care can be complex.

Every home care business is unique, and we know you have your own way of providing care to the clients you help. And often, a ‘one size fits all’ solution doesn’t work.

IQ:caremanager is different. The system is new, but built upon a legacy of experience in the sector – and has been developed to flex to the different types of home care businesses that use it to plan care. Whether you need a process to handle referrals or a scheduling tool that lets you easily double-up carers for a visit – IQ:caremanager handles the legwork so you can get ahead.

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Want to know more about our Plan features? Request a copy of our digital care planning guide for more information about how IQ:caremanager is helping home care businesses like yours, to plan.

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IQ:caremanager – ‘Plan’ features

  • Scheduling & rostering – plan individual calls, recurring visits or group activities, assign regular carers and organise appointments into logical rounds
  • Best match feature – allocate the right carer to the right visit based on experience, skills, location and the preferences of those receiving care.
  • Live availability – quickly find a suitable carer for last-minute cover, based on distance and continuity of care.
  • Client records – create digital social care records by capturing the details relevant to a person’s care, including medical history, allergies, important contacts, key safe numbers and access arrangements.
  • Care planning – produce person-centred digital care plans directly from client records. Upload your templates and customise care plans for each service user.

Understanding complex and simple care planning

We work with businesses of all sizes. From smaller independent businesses that are delivering personal care to a handful of clients in their local towns, to big multi-branch organisations that handle private and local authority contracts.

We like to think of planning as the recipe for outstanding care. Getting all of the right ingredients, double-checking your measurements, and sticking to the timings, are the hallmarks of great planning.

With our software, the processes you need have been crafted carefully to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for the workload you have.

How our care planning software features can transform your business

  • Makes it easy to update client records, carer records, visit schedules, and individual visits quickly
  • Helps you meet contractual obligations such as hours delivered to clients vs what has been commissioned, and brings unallocated visits to your attention
  • Reduced the amount of work turned away as you can clearly see the resources you currently have available
  • Greater responsiveness to client’s needs through intelligent carer-to-client matching
  • Improves work-life balance of employees by making planning tasks easier and more efficient

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