How IQ:caremanager can help home care providers deliver high-quality care

The next step after planning care provision is to ensure that the care professionals can deliver care efficiently, safely, and compassionately.

While care coordinators focus on planning and managing business operations through IQ:caremanager, care workers can access a dedicated companion app from their smart devices.

The carer app provides numerous benefits to home care teams, helping to improve communication, streamline scheduling, digitise record-keeping, increase overall efficiency and reduce administrative burdens – freeing up more time for high-quality care.

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Want to know more about our Plan features? Request a copy of our digital care planning guide for more information about how IQ:caremanager is helping home care businesses like yours, to plan.

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IQ:caremanger – ‘Deliver’ features

Accessible via the companion carer app:

  • View schedules – check upcoming appointments and access details such as client address, family member contacts, and key safe details, while push notifications alert carers to any changes to their schedule
  • Clock in and out – check in and out of a visit with a simple tap in the app
  • To-do lists – provide a list of mandatory or discretionary tasks for the carer to complete during a visit
  • eMAR – provides clear medication instructions for a carer to follow, with functionality to record notes or observations
  • Record notes – provide feedback to assigned tasks or daily checks, with voice-to-not functionality to make things easier
  • Route planning – Find the most efficient route to each visit, while automatically recording mileage
  • Client & family portal – instantly share and receive information about a care recipient with the people that are important to them

Understanding care delivery

‘Delivery’ is the crucial part of home care management in which all of the hard work of care planning comes to fruition. 

We think outstanding care delivery is anchored by clear and efficient communication, simple administration and record keeping, and the ability to adapt when changes occur.

That’s why our technology is the perfect fit for home care organisations. With our carer app information is shared instantaneously between care coordinators and care workers, administration processes are simple and streamlined, and changes to schedules, care plans or client needs can be amended at a moment’s notice.

How our care delivery software features can revolutionise your business

  • Easier to make changes at speed – carers have everything they need when they arrive at a visit as the schedule in the mobile app is automatically updated
  • Retain staff – mobile app improves staff satisfaction by simplifying the job, providing the information that’s needed, making data entry quick, knowing what your day looks like in advance, giving them more time to care
  • Journey and visit planning/optimisation means less time is spent travelling unnecessarily and reduces fuel costs
  • Improved comms with clients and families – through the client and family portal
  • Safe data sharing – change control on documentation and secure, audited access
  • Safe system for medication and risk management

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