Month: August 2019

Smartphones & lone working

Lone home carer pushing elderly woman in wheelchair

The influence of smartphone technology on lone working Recently, Skills for Care has released its much anticipated guide ‘Supporting staff that regularly work alone’¹, focused around the lone workers of the home care sector. With more than 8 million lone workers currently within the UK, making up approximately 22% of the UK workforce, businesses are… Read more »

Technology in care: what Britain’s ageing population expects

Older person using technology while exercising

Technology in care: what Britain’s ageing population expects From waking up to an alarm clock on our mobile phone, to using a computer at work and interacting with smart televisions at home, using technology has become second nature to humans. We have become confident using our phones to book a holiday to the other side… Read more »

The transformational power of mobile technology in care

5G technology – the next generation of wireless network – has the potential to transform health and social care. As highlighted in a recent report by the Liverpool 5G testbed, one of a series of projects testing the possibilities of 5G, the speed and reliability of 5G technology “makes it perfect for supporting health devices… Read more »

How technology can enable better service delivery within the care sector

Technology in care

Technological advancements. Digital transformation. Software solutions. No matter the description, the outcome remains the same – technology is advancing, and so are we. Pixels to peak As the creators and users of such technology, we as humans are finding more methods to make our lives easier, including the improvement of our health and wellbeing. In… Read more »

How much is staffing costing your home care business?

Paper-based payroll and timesheets

One of the biggest expenses in any business is its staff, with a particular pinch point being the recruitment of new staff, especially when its driven by a high turnover rate. The care industry is no exception, with the recent Care Association Alliance Social Work Study revealing that the average turnover rate for the care… Read more »