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Most modern managers know that making sure your workforce is happy should be a top priority. Successfully doing so means that you will build a hard working and productive workforce, and you will hold on to these quality employees for longer. If your workforce is unhappy, they will lack motivation leaving you to face a constant battle with finding new recruits as your current staff leave your company to find other positions elsewhere.

Read on as we have put together some tips on how to achieve a happier workforce – some of these might surprise you!

Manage them well

This may seem obvious, but the results of managing a workforce well should never be overlooked. A good manager will schedule regular reviews and progress meetings where an employee’s worries or dissatisfactions can be raised and as such, dealt with promptly. Having a great team leader also means that there is nothing blocking your employees from completing their tasks successfully, resulting in better job satisfaction.

Encourage communication

When it comes to important company decisions, or even just day to day tasks, not allowing the voices of members of staff to be heard often results in an unhappy workforce. Encourage a culture of teamwork, and value the opinion of each and every employee. This will help them to feel motivated and loyal towards your business. Encourage communication so that every team member can help your company to move forward, together.

Let them grow

Very rarely does any one of your employees want to feel stagnant, working the same job forever. People will value companies that allow them to grow and develop their skills as they progress within their working role. If there are no prospects to grow, many people will not see a future for themselves within your company, so be flexible and offer training and development opportunities, benefitting you with a more skilled, and a happier workforce too.

Be open and transparent

Just as it is important to communicate, it is also important to let your workforce know that you operate with transparency. Should any issue arise, it is important to have factual data on hand to use when resolving these issues. Without this, your workforce may not trust the decisions that you come to. Software such as IQ:timecard can help to achieve this level of trust, as its web-based interface creates an easily accessible overview of the arrival and departure data of each employee. As this data is logged in real time by each member of staff themselves, all information gathered is highly accurate and can easily be called upon to help to resolve any work related disputes in an open and honest way.

What actions do you put in place to keep your workforce happy? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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