New podcast about managing mental health in caring businesses

A new podcast has launched that explores how care leaders can manage the mental health and wellbeing of their care teams. 

Presented by Marc Caulfield and Lee Trueman and produced by Unique IQ, ‘Care to talk?’ tackles the challenges that business leaders face in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of front-line care workers.

Developed after collaborating on a number of mental health discussions and panels over the years, Marc and Lee decided to create a podcast to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace and offer practical support to those dedicated to leading change. 

Listen to ‘Care to talk?’

Listen now to ‘Care to talk’ – a new podcast which tackles the challenges that business leaders face in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of front-line care workers. Available on your favourite podcasting channel.

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'Care to talk?' podcast with Lee Trueman and Marc Caulfield

Each episode hones in on a mental health topic, with Marc and Lee covering the strategies and mechanisms that can help managers build better resilience, togetherness and openness in caring teams. 

Facing these issues with warmth, personal experiences and positivity, ‘Care to talk?’ feels like a well-needed catch-up with trusted friends, where the world can be set to rights.

Influential mental health advocate and consultant Marc Caulfield, said: “As someone that spent a great deal of my early career suffering from undiagnosed anxiety and depression, I understand first-hand the crushing weight of poor mental health in the workplace. 

“It is absolutely essential that we, as business leaders, can talk about these issues openly and honestly. ‘Care to talk?’ offers a safe space to talk and learn about the impacts that practical mental health policies can have on the welfare of employees.”

Sales Director at Unique IQ and mental health champion, Lee Trueman, said: “I’ve had the privilege of working alongside caring businesses for many years, and I understand the uphill battle that business leaders face, especially in recruiting and retaining care workers. 

“Looking after the mental health and wellbeing of staff members has an undeniable positive impact on job satisfaction and happiness. We hope that hosting this podcast will go some way in breaking the stigma of mental health, and help care leaders pave the way for change.”

The podcast is available on your favourite podcast platforms, or directly via

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Care to talk? is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with CloserStill Media – the organisers of two of the care industry’s biggest live shows.

Listen live to the big season finale of Care to talk? at the Residential & Home Care Show at ExCeL London on 26th April 2023, part of Health + Care.

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