The importance of valuing employees

If you’re having issues with staffing and retention, this may be the article for you. Here, we will look into the reasons behind staffing and retention issues, and bring to light how workforce management software can help improve conditions for your remote workers.

Every business leader knows that a good relationship with clients is important, but what’s also important is maintaining a good relationship with employees. It seems obvious, but valuing employees can be a make or break for a business when it comes down to it.

This is particularly vital for businesses that operate with remote workers, like home care providers and cleaning companies. According to studies like “The Value of Belonging at Work” by BetterUP, employees who feel a sense of belonging showed a 56% increase in job performance and a 50%. The data also showed that employees who feel as though they belong are 167% more likely to recommend their employer as a great place to work.

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Here are a few reasons why it’s vital to your business to value employees:

They are the biggest asset of a business

In a competitive sector, where everyone is offering similar services, the performance of the workforce is what can set businesses apart from the rest. While a fancy office building, amazing systems and impressive equipment might make up the bulk of a business’s financial assets – a passionate, hard-working and dedicated set of employees is priceless.

Recruiting new workers is far more costly than retaining existing workers

Recruitment is a costly and extensive factor for any business, which makes staff harder to replace than new software or systems. Employee turnover costs companies millions per year and the reason why employees leave is often due to being unhappy in their roles, which could be the difference between feeling valued or unappreciated. The money invested in rewarding and valuing employees will significantly outweigh the cost of hiring new staff.

They are the face, voice and heart of a business 

The best advocates for a business will always be happy employees. Employees talk to customers and clients frequently, so it makes sense to ensure they feel valued and continue acting as brand ambassadors wherever they may go. When people are happy in their jobs, it will reflect throughout their work – which will improve their reputation as a good employer.

Employees who feel valued are more productive

When employees feel trusted and valued, they become more dedicated to serving the company they work for. Staff who feel underappreciated or unhappy in their role will often lack productivity, which can have an overall knock-on effect across a business.

The benefits that come from valuing your employees are endless, it may seem like common sense, but in 2017 a survey from Investors in People showed that the second biggest reason people looked to move jobs was due to management, with 59% of UK workers wanting to move jobs due to this.

It’s important to value employees as much as clients because it will simply make management smoother, create a better atmosphere and will help maintain a motivated and productive workforce.

How to make employees feel valued with workforce management software

  1. Empowers office staff to take control of operational processes and get through tasks more efficiently
  2. Puts remote workers in the driving seat – allowing them to check schedules, report issues effectively and improve communication
  3. Provides more shift flexibility and can match employees to shifts by preference
  4. Makes payroll more accurate – ensuring everyone is paid for all time worked
  5. Provides an extra layer of remote worker safety
  6. It can help to manage and roll-out wellbeing initiatives

Book a demo to learn more about how workforce management software can transform your business operations, putting a little more money in your pocket and giving you more time on your hands to value your employees and take a weight off your shoulders.

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