Wellbeing initiatives and care management software

The way we manage and treat people is central to maintaining wellbeing, motivation and engagement. And while we primarily design our systems to plan, deliver and monitor domiciliary care, we also include many features to help manage the people that work in your organisation.

Effective use of these HR tools can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of your team.

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Recognition and celebration

Within our system Contact Logs (our internal mailing and notification function) can be used to share positive feedback and compliments with front-line carers and office-based staff. Contact Logs can be created to convey feedback from clients, families, or colleagues and are saved into an employee’s record.

And while any form of positive recognition is always welcome, these records could be audited over time to help select an employee of the month!

Example of a contact log in IQ:caremanager

Take personal development seriously

Using our system, it is easy to plan and document appraisals and organise supervision sessions and reviews. This can help carers feel a greater sense of personal development, ensuring that important milestones are not forgotten and that those clear objectives can be set at regular intervals.

This contributes to keeping carers feeling motivated and engaged with their development, which can have a positive impact on wellbeing and retention.

Manager helps carer look at personal development pathway

Invest in training and qualifications

Managers can also keep track of current training and qualifications using Carer Details – making sure that alerts are triggered for expiring certifications, with refresher courses planned in good time.

This also makes it easy for managers to work with their carers to carefully map out routes for progression – identifying beneficial training courses and qualifications that could help them progress in their roles.

Example of a qualification screen in IQ:caremanager

Fair, balanced, and consistent rotas

Regular Carers is a hassle-free way of assigning a specific carer for a client’s recurring visit schedule. This ensures that a client is always paired with a preferred carer, but also gives the carer a chance to build a strong relationship with a client and have a more consistent routine, which can help improve job satisfaction.

On top of that, Rounds are a helpful way of automating the production of shifts for carers – grouping a run of recurring visits on any given day into a logical schedule for a Regular Carer to attend. This can be repeated on a bespoke weekly or monthly schedule, ensuring that carers work a regular shift plan – encouraging healthy working hours and a more positive work/life balance

Organise wellbeing events

Group Activities allow you to create scheduled events that can be attended by multiple clients and carers. Consider organising wellbeing activities for clients such as exercise classes, creative activities, mental health groups or cultural events that carers can also attend.

Sharing experiences with clients and learning new skills can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of employees.

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