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Manage Summer Holidays with Time and Attendance Solutions

Summer is fast approaching, and requests for holidays will have been landing on the desks of HR departments across the country for weeks already. Employees love to get in there early when they book time off during the summer, but with everyone handing in requests for time off over the same two-month period, how can businesses get through a summer of staff absences without it having an impact on their service standards?

Having an automated time and attendance system gives businesses a huge advantage when they are planning ahead for their summer schedules. Staff can be assigned to fixed or flexible shifts in accordance with certain budgets set by the company, and any changes that are made (with holiday requests or sudden absences when the sun comes out!) can be flagged up immediately.

This type of software also allows businesses to look ahead and ensure that all of their clients are taken care of. Whether they have domiciliary care clients to look after, or whether their contract cleaning services are needed at certain locations, management teams can look at the days they are busiest, the weeks they have the most work to do, and ensure that they don’t allow too many staff to take time off during these times.

It can also help during this time to create a pool of available employees; those who haven’t booked any holidays and are available to do some overtime should they need to. They can be assigned last minute to a job where they are required, they can help with filling shifts or certain temporary positions, and can help to make sure a service runs smoothly, even on a skeleton staff.

Time and attendance systems also help to monitor the actual productivity of those who are working. If a member of staff who has volunteered for overtime is found to be struggling with turning up on time for client appointments or spending the right amount of time with each client, it will be flagged up on the system for management to deal with. They may need to rebalance the shifts to ensure a more even allocation across their staff or they may need to notify their clients of a temporary change in their appointment time; either way, the time and attendance solution gives supervisors the resources to deal with such circumstances.

Summer holidays don’t need to affect the bottom line of a business – with the correct planning and scheduling tools, they can be managed to ensure that clients receive the same standards of service they always did, and no business is lost.