How to increase efficiency with integrated payroll technology

Care agencies face various challenges when calculating payroll and reimbursements for their care teams. With a multitude of private and local authority contracts, mileage rates, pay rates and other conditional factors, paying employees can often be a headache. And getting it wrong, can damage your home care business.

To combat this issue, care management software with payroll features can help providers streamline operations, save time and ensure that care professionals get paid the correct wages.

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What is payroll software?

Payroll software helps businesses manage, maintain, and automate the calculation of employee pay. It is widely available as a standalone product but can also come bundled as an integrated feature within a workforce management tool.

And while businesses may be happy using multiple software packages to get the job done, a comprehensive sector-specific software solution that includes payroll, like IQ:caremanager, could be the best option for your specific needs and challenges.

How payroll functionality can help homecare businesses

For home care companies, processing payroll can be particularly complex. Whether it’s paying hourly workers, ‘per-visit’ rates, or employees that cover multiple roles with varying pay scales, it is crucial that they receive the correct reimbursement for the work they do.

A payroll module can help home care business leaders and finance teams by automating the complex task of gathering shift data for carers, collating mileage and expenses, to pay employees accurately and on time.

The benefits of care management software with payroll capabilities

  • Streamlined workflows: Having your care management and payroll data in one system, you can reduce the need to transfer data between different software programs – saving time and reducing the risk of errors or discrepancies.
  • Improved accuracy: Schedule data, mileage claims and expenses automatically collate, meaning carers are paid correctly based on the work they have carried out.
  • Nuanced pay criteria: Payroll software can calculate carer pay based on the pay rates set for each client, employee job title or visit type. 
  • Efficient reporting: With payroll data in one system, you can generate customisable reports quickly and easily – helping you make informed decisions about your care business.
  • Reduce resources: A comprehensive system can help you reduce the need for other software packages.
  • Customisable features: set rules and criteria that fit the unique needs of a home care business.

How IQ:caremanager can help improve payroll processes

As a complete and comprehensive care management platform, IQ:caremanager offers users integrated payroll functionality as standard. Here are some of the most useful features:

  • Calculates employee pay accurately
  • Generate employee timesheets
  • Provide a pre-tax/pre-deduction gross pay total
  • Ability to export pay totals to finance software
  • Can pay employees with a flat rate or hourly rate depending on the contract type
  • Automated rules to enforce alternative pay rates depending on the time of day, day of the week, day of the year, length of visit, type of visit, type of service, job title or role.
  • Pay carers based on scheduled or actual shifts worked
  • Calculate mileage claims and expenses
  • Export previous payroll runs
  • Calculate holiday and sick pay

With care leaders under more pressure than ever to deliver outstanding care with limited resources, comprehensive care management technology is helping to increase efficiency, reduce costs and free up more time for care professionals to spend doing what is really important to clients.