How a care worker app can help unify processes in your home care business

One of the most valuable tools available to home care businesses today is a carer app.

If you run a home care business, you know how challenging it can be to coordinate care for multiple clients while managing a team of care workers. Fortunately, technology has made it easier than ever to streamline these processes and improve the quality of care you provide.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of social care, a dedicated care worker app can ‘offer significant benefits to the people who use services and those who run and deliver them’ (CQC: 2019).

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What is a smartphone carer app?

A care worker app is a smartphone application that can help streamline home care operations by simplifying caregiver scheduling and communication, reducing administrative tasks, improving caregiver accountability, and enhancing client care.

Carer apps typically operate in unison with a care management system allowing care managers to plan, monitor and manage home care operations from a central location while keeping care workers in the loop.

What does a caregiver app do?

A carer app provides access to the information and digital tools carers need to complete the home care visits they have been assigned. Carer apps normally include the following features and functionality:

  • Clock in and clock out of visits
  • To-do lists and task tick off
  • Record and evidence of medication administration (eMAR)
  • View and amend care plans and other documents
  • Note-taking/voice-to-text
  • Route planning/appointment navigation
  • Notifications when shifts or schedule change
  • Low/no signal operation

What are the benefits of a carer app?

A carer app replaces traditional methods of completing tasks such as paperwork and phone calls, making it easier and quicker for carers to complete their responsibilities digitally.

  • Visit data is immediately processed – ensuring that missed visits or late clocks ins are addressed quickly
  • Carers can clock in and out of visits with a simple tap – paper visit logs or timesheets are not required
  • Tasks and medication administration can be set as mandatory – meaning a carer cannot finish a visit without performing the required actions
  • Digital notes are far more accurate than handwritten or verbal communications
  • Route planning helps carers find the fastest and most efficient way to their next appointment
  • Schedules no longer need to be printed and sent to the carer, and any changes can be communicated with a push notification directly to the app
  • Geo-tagging ensures that carers can be tracked and traced to ensure safety
  • Instant updates to important information – providing real-time updates on the person’s care plan, medication schedule, and personal contact details
  • Can cash data for later when users have low or no 3G/4G/5G or wifi signal

How to use a caregiver app?

Carers will use a care app throughout their workday. He is a typical example of how an app supports a care worker:

  • A carer can check their upcoming schedule. Any changes to the schedule will be delivered via push notification
  • Use app to plan the most efficient route to visit
  • Tap app to clock in
  • Check for any changes to client care plan
  • Follow to-do list and tick off tasks as they are completed – leaving notes if required
  • Follow medication administration guidance and record administration – leaving notes if required
  • Clock out of appointment once all mandatory tasks are completed
  • Use app to plan an efficient route to the next visit

By improving communication, streamlining scheduling, enhancing care coordination, improving record-keeping, and increasing overall efficiency, a care worker app can help home care businesses provide the highest level of care to their clients while also reducing administrative burdens. With so many benefits, it’s clear that implementing a care worker app is a smart investment for any home care business looking to improve its operations.

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