Keeping families connected - client and family portal from Unique IQ

As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic together, it has become clear that the need for open communication and the ability to share information is a critical requirement in today’s society.

With the UK’s national lockdown firmly in place due to COVID-19, it has made popping around and checking in on our vulnerable loved ones a difficult task. Although the use of social media, voice and video calls has helped, with Facebook reporting a surge in the use of its services by over 50%, this doesn’t always provide comfort to a worried family member.

Through the use of online care platforms, such as Unique IQ’s ‘Client & Family portal’, society’s most vulnerable people receiving home care can share valuable information about their care with their families.

Client and family portal - service users and their family members can access important information about the delivery of their care

Peace of mind

Unique IQ’s Client & Family portal brings a host of information together for a person’s loved ones to view, including details about their medication, activities carried out during a care visit and any vital information the carer felt needed to be noted, such as a change of habit or health status. It can also provide visibility of important documents relating to care, such as a care plan or risk assessment.

As the portal is an online feature, the information is available to view 24/7, meaning families can check on the details of their relative at a time convenient for them. In the event they have any further questions or concerns, they can send messages directly to their family member’s home care provider with a click of a button, or arrange an additional care visit to check in on their loved one.

Accessible information

All information held on the Client & Family portal is completely secure, with only permitted users granted access. The person receiving care has full disclosure on whom they choose to allow access, ensuring they feel confident in the system.

The portal is designed to be quick and easy to follow. Regardless of technical skill or experience, permitted users can access care details on a device of their choosing, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The person’s family members can also use the portal to check additional information linked with the care service that’s being provided, such as viewing invoices – saving home care organisations administration processes and time; a vital resource during the current crisis, with many care providers facing challenges with staffing.

Bringing people together

The Client & Family portal isn’t only focused on sharing the health and care details of a person receiving home care. Families can also share memories, photographs and important dates with their loved one, such as a birthday, anniversary or event that the care support worker can help to celebrate with the client while in lockdown.

Unique IQ’s Client & Family portal can help home care agencies reduce demand on precious resources, save money and encourage communication. For the vulnerable person receiving care, it can ultimately help to strengthen family bonds, in turn having a beneficial effect on their ongoing health and wellbeing.

The technology brings significant reassurance to both the people receiving care and their family members, bridging the connection between loved ones and bringing peace of mind for everyone.

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