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Workplace ‘Big Brother’ – Persuading Your Workforce that Time and Attendance Solutions Can Help Them At Work

One of the most common issues when implementing a workforce monitoring solution is the complaint from employees that their workplace will soon become a little too ‘Big Brother’ for their liking. Remote workers and mobile employees love the independence that their job gives them, and don’t tend to enjoy the idea of their every move being tracked and recorded. However, there are a great number of advantages for employees that are monitored using a time and attendance system – we’ve compiled just a few of them to help businesses that are struggling with employee perceptions of their new solution.

Wage Accuracy

The more accurate their payroll data is, the more accurate their wages will be. Many of these solutions also offer total transparency so that employees can see what they earned and when they earned it.

Holiday Requests

Requesting time off, or dealing with sudden absence with things like sick pay is suddenly a breeze. Instead of having to hand in a form three months before the planned holiday and negotiate times and dates with HR managers, they can use automated systems and book their annual leave with ease.


Many people worry that they will be left behind when new workforce monitoring solutions are introduced, so it’s crucial to offer the appropriate training for all employees. This ensures that they feel comfortable and confident using the devices and the software. Explaining how something works and allowing them to understand the ins and outs of the solution can also help with fears of ‘Big Brother’ style spy tactics – once employees are fully trained and can see how the equipment works, they often become much more amenable to change and growth.

Time Management

Many people working in sectors like home care become attached to many of their regular clients – they see them on a daily basis and build up a strong rapport with them over time. Time management systems and workforce monitoring can help clients like these to receive better standards of care. Anyone who works in the home care industry knows how important it is that clients are given the care that they need, and time management solutions can help facilitate that care – an idea sure to sway many employees.

Performance Tracking

Monitoring remote workforces can be tough, but with time and attendance solutions it can become easier to track performance levels of certain staff members. This allows companies to offer great incentives for staff to consistently make a great effort – better performance tracking is enabled by these monitoring solutions, and the most hardworking members of the workforce can be rewarded for their efforts more consistently.