Connecting with our customers: get to know our service desk!

When it comes to delivering best-in-class support, our service team stands at the forefront of our commitment. They are the friendly voices that resonate when you reach out to us and are on hand to provide the insight and knowledge you need when things get tricky. 

We know that every customer is unique, and that’s why our service team takes a personalised approach. They’ll go above and beyond to tailor their support specifically to your needs, ensuring that you receive assistance that aligns perfectly with your preferences and goals. 

At the heart of our service philosophy lies a deep understanding that effective communication is key. While we proudly champion digital methods of support like email and in-app self-service, we also recognise the value of offline support for many of our customers.

Cheryl Guest, Operations Director explains, “We understand that the provision of home care involves a complex web of processes, each with its unique nuances. That’s why we place immense importance on allowing our users the opportunity to explain their specific requirements to our dedicated team.

“By doing so, we empower our team members to respond with tailored solutions, ensuring that we provide the right support for every customer. We believe that by bridging the gap between digital and offline support, we create an all-encompassing experience that instils confidence and reassurance.”

Say hello to Keeley

Keeley Evans, Senior Service Desk Analyst, Unique IQ

“This November I’ll be reaching the amazing milestone of 5 years with Unique IQ! I joined back in 2018, and around this time, I feel the care sector was starting to embrace the digital revolution. It’s been an exciting journey watching the progress from then, to where we are now.

“Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of our systems and the unique needs of our clients. About 18 months ago, I took on a more hands-on role as part of the senior service desk team, allowing me to dive even deeper into the inner workings of our system and expand my knowledge.”

What unique skills do you think you bring to the service desk?

“Our customers offer a wide array of domiciliary services, so no query or scenario is ever really the same. I have a great ability to adapt, understand what is going on and figure out the most logical and impactful solution quickly. Whether it’s offering support to my peers or sharing my knowledge, I take pride in being a reliable and valuable team player. And let’s not forget my excellent taste in radio channels, which always keeps the office atmosphere upbeat and energised!”

Tell us something that your colleagues and clients might not know about you

“Concerts! I have an unhealthy obsession with going to concerts, whether it might be new, old, sell-out stadiums, or dingy bars, I am there! I have three more concerts to see this year, Elton John last month was my highlight so far!”

Say hello to Madison

Madison head shot unique iq

“My previous role was as a Technology Service Desk Analyst answering technical issues and providing support to internal departments. I enjoyed the fact-finding and troubleshooting element of the role as well as the interaction with people and being able to resolve issues and providing an excellent standard of customer service.

“I was keen to stay within the IT industry and so was very excited to get the opportunity to join the service team at Unique IQ. I was impressed with the customer-centric approach and felt that ethos and values matched perfectly.”

What aspect of your role provides the most satisfaction?

“Talking to new and existing customers and helping them with their questions. I take much satisfaction from listening to a challenge and providing a solution. We are a great team here at Unique IQ and everyone shares the same vision in wanting to go the extra mile for our customers.”

Tell us something that your colleagues and clients might not know about you

“I love to travel and in March of this year, I enjoyed a trip of a lifetime to Japan with my partner. It was a tick off my bucket list of a long list of places I want to travel to including Canada and Iceland. When I’m not off travelling I like to go on long walks in the countryside with my partner and enjoy going ice skating.”

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