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Time Management One of Home Care’s Biggest Challenges, says IQ:timecard

IQ:timecard are responding to recent reports stating that ensuring sufficient time for care is one of the biggest challenges in the home care industry, assuring businesses that their time and attendance monitoring solution can help to increase efficiency for employees and give them more time to spend focusing on their important clients.

A large-scale report by the Guardian Social Care Network and the Department of Health revealed that 73% of home carers see time as the biggest challenge for care workers making home visits. Almost 6 in 10 of the 1,440 people that took part in the survey said that sufficient time for care was the most important factor in offering good home care, placing even more emphasis on businesses to get this element of their service just right. IQ:timecard is looking to encourage businesses to make changes in their operations and give their employees the extra time they need to provide an efficient and effective service, using devices like electronic call monitoring solutions and other technological advancements.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “The statistics are plain for all to see: those who are involved in the business of providing great home care services are adamant that having sufficient time is one of the most important elements in maintaining high standards. Home care companies that find they are struggling to give their employees the time they need to meet the high standards every client should expect need to look at introducing more 21st-century solutions to this problem.”

IQ:timecard allows employees and payroll departments to cast off the masses of paperwork that they previously had to fill out in order to track their arrival and departure at client properties. In previous years, home care assistants arriving at a client’s home would need to fill in a paper timecard or some other form stating things like time of arrival, hours worked, and time of departure. This can be a time-expensive process, and it must be done at every single location that they check into.

IQ:timecard offers a simple solution. No paperwork, no lengthy payroll forms and no scope for human error – just a simple phonecall from the employee to a specified number when they arrive and depart a client’s property. Their arrival and departure are logged within the system, allowing them to focus entirely on giving their clients the care that they are due, rather than worrying about calculating working hours or any other time-related issues. Employee scheduling is vastly improved, time and attendance data is more efficiently recorded and monitored, and everyone involved in the process benefits from a significantly higher standard of service.