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Simple ways to reduce shoplifting

If you’re a security company providing personnel to retailers, your main aim is to reduce shoplifting and act as a deterrent for those that and considering criminal activity. While in many cases simply being present is enough to put of would-be-thieves, there are some other steps security staff can take to reduce shoplifting further.

Be visible – If you’re operating as uniformed security personnel, remaining visible is one of the key things that can deter potential shoplifters. While the entrance and exit point of a shop gives you a good opportunity to identify consumers that are acting suspiciously, walking around the store and allowing customers to see you can also prevent thieves from acting.

Stay alert for suspicious behaviour – There are lots of signs that security staff can keep an eye out for to identify those that could be involved in criminal activity. The ability to spot those that are acting suspiciously is vital for reducing shoplifting. Security staff should be alert to those acting nervous, watching members of staff and individuals that repeatedly leave and return to the store.

Work with other employees – Security staff can also benefit from working with other employees at the business, such as staff that organise the stock and operate the registers. They may also notice when customers are acting suspiciously, will be able to tell you if stock has gone missing and can inform you which items are most frequently taken.

Get to know the store layout and items – If you’re working in a new location it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with both the store layout and the items on offer. In terms of the store layout you’ll need to highlight any blind spots that there are and be aware of customers as they come and go in these areas. Stores will have some items that are more likely to be targeted by shoplifters, typically small and expensive products, and knowing where these are displayed can help to reduce theft further.

Check bags – Work with the shops you operate in to implement a bag checking policy. Having both retail employees and security staff making regular bag checks will help deter those that were considering stealing products as they will see the store takes a proactive approach, increasing their chances of getting caught. This process can be particularly useful in clothing stores where customers can use changing rooms and then conceal items in their bags.

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