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Why would you pay for something you don’t use?

Simple enough question and yet everyday businesses everywhere are allowing their employees to decide their own hours of work by not tracking time and attendance in the workplace.

Time theft is becoming an issue in a number of industries as some workers become more complacent and think that while the boss isn’t around they can choose their own rules and work to their own schedules.

Ok, so we know not everyone is like that, but why take the chance when you can have an accurate record of attendance available 24/7 at your fingertips and then pay accordingly, for time that has actually been worked and not just scheduled for attendance.

Absence management is one of the keys to any successful business. If you haven’t got the right people in the right places, not only does this lead to unnecessary headaches but also to needless time spent chasing around after people and apologising for a downfall in service.

By simply monitoring the punctuality of staff you can quickly and easily resolve all of these issues and concentrate on other matters at hand to get you through the day.