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IQ:timecard Roll Out New Mileage Update For Increased Efficiency and Enhanced Monitoring Abilities

Unique IQ, one of the country’s leading workforce monitoring solutions companies, has rolled out a brand new update allowing managers to more accurately monitor mileage when supervising remote workers. The dynamic new feature allows users total control over staff mileage, with plenty of customisation options and easy visual representation, so that bosses managing teams of remote staff can get a better picture of the amount of miles their workers are clocking up during their shifts.

The new mileage updated has been designed using industry-standard routing technology, and it integrates perfectly with the monitoring solutions that IQ:timecard already offers. As a time and attendance solution, IQ:timecard already gives users the ability to see when their staff are checking in and out of locations – and the brand new mileage update now gives managers an insight into routing and travel time between client locations.

For managers that need to generate mileage expense forms to distribute to their staff, the new update will also help to clamp down on inaccurate claims made by staff. IQ:timecard will now offer managers the ability to create unique and precise claims forms for each member of staff, to ensure that they’re remunerated for the miles they have driven – no more, no less.

Unique IQ operates mainly in the domiciliary care, contract cleaning and security spheres – all industries where staff spend much of their day on the road, travelling between client locations. The new update will be incredible relevant and useful for the many businesses operating in these industries, allowing managers to check up on the routes that their employees take between client locations, as well as producing highly accurate claims forms based on the calculations from the mileage update.