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IQ:timecard Helps Optimise Funds as Home Care Spending for Elderly Increases by 160%

IQ:timecard is a unique time and attendance solution that has been touted as a fantastic way to optimise the funds that are currently being spend on free personal care for the elderly. Scotland are faced with a rapidly increasing bill as the result of an ageing population, with spending on personal care for elderly people living in their homes rising by 160% to £350m just last year. IQ:timecard, the remote workforce management tool, is helping service providers to cut costs and boost performance levels in their remote employees with their electronic call monitoring solution.

Experts in managing remote workforces, streamlining payroll systems and guaranteeing compliance in home care services, IQ:timecard’s solution is perfect for the Scottish providers of home care that are trying to rein in their spending and make the most of their budgets.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “Scotland’s spending on personal home care services for vulnerable elderly people is rising dramatically, and decision-makers are looking for ways in which they can cut costs whilst maintaining – or even improving – their services. Our remote workforce management resource allows these home care services to do just that, keeping a more accurate track of payroll information and reducing the man hours needed to carry out all the admin involved with paying staff. It can also dramatically reduce time theft for businesses, and make employees more productive, resulting in a higher level of service for elderly clients.”

IQ:timecard has already been rolled out across the UK in many of the top home care companies. It’s incredibly easy to use – employees just use their phones to clock in and out from client locations – but the software is feature-rich and helps to speed up payroll processing and reduce pressure on HR departments. The program completes the work of several people, allowing for cost savings on recruitment, and there can be no disputes or discrepancies when it comes to things like sick pay or annual leave, because everything is stored on a secure cloud server that managers can access at any time.

What Scotland’s home care industry needs is a cost-saving solution that boosts the productivity of stressed staff members and ensures that clients get all the benefits of the improved working conditions. IQ:timecard is the premier solution of its kind in the country and is an ideal method for home care decision-makers to trim their budgets at no detriment to their service standards.