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IQ:careplanner streamlines communication for accurate patient data

Home care and other critical health care services can be complex to manage, yet failure to do so successfully can result in devastating consequences. This was highlighted recently as care home resident Patricia Rosen passed away due to an agency nurse administering a fatally high dose of medication. IQ:careplanner is a new staff planning solution targeted specifically towards the home care industry, acting as a portal of communication to simplify the management process for this sector, ensuring circumstances like this can be avoided.

Developed by UniqueIQ, the team behind leading time and attendance solution IQ:timecard, IQ:careplanner is the result of many years’ experience serving the home care sector, working closely with clients in the field to learn their exact needs and requirements. Amongst other features, this intelligent tool has a document management system, allowing workers to have instant access to client’s medical reports to inform their practice. A care worker portal gives staff a dashboard view of their time sheets with reminders, while rotas are sent in real-time to keep each carer up to date with their personal schedule. With this improved communication and access to information, a workforce management tool of this kind acts as a central point of contact for a fast-moving, remote team of nurses, improving communication and ensuring that patient care is accurate.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ said, “It is integral to any care provider company to keep their staff up to date with the needs of each client, as well as their working patterns, to ensure their practice is safe and effective. This can be challenging when staff members are dispersed across different locations and always on the move. A reliable care planning system is necessary in order to open up the doors of communication. This is why we developed IQ:careplanner, combining relevant features to keep staff and management informed of the details of each working day, responding in real-time to anything that may arise.”

Following on from the investigation of the death of Patricia Rosen, it was also revealed that no care plan was in place for this care home resident. As the large dose of painkiller that was given to Mrs. Rosen was meant for another resident of the same name, clearer communication and access to details, on site, could have prevented this from happening.

IQ:careplanner allows management to produce schedules and care plans, with a wide range of additional capabilities to streamline care planning even further.