By David Lynes, Managing Director of Unique IQ

It is truly a strange time, when the world around us is swirling with upheaval, fear and crises, that I should sit down to write a story about growth.

Over the past few months I have felt keenly the difficulties being faced by many of the businesses I work alongside, hearing about some of the tough calls they are having to make to keep their enterprises going.

And I have been acutely aware of the challenges facing our good friends in the care and cleaning sectors. They have been on the frontline of dealing with coronavirus, forced to adapt at lightning speed to each new hurdle, procedure and regulation that this pandemic throws up. It is no secret that making sure our customers have tools they can rely on has kept me awake at night.

But here I am, about to tell you that Unique IQ is growing. Incredibly, we are in the middle of a major recruitment drive.

Over the last few weeks, we have been onboarding a number of new members of the team, who are bolstering our Service Delivery division. When we surveyed our customers over the summer, we realised we needed to add some further resource to that area to make sure that everyone received the same high level of training, project management and customer support. To quote our Service Delivery Director, Cheryl Guest: “The needs of our customers have grown significantly this year, as they tackle the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, which has seen them relying on digital technologies more than ever before. We’re expanding the team so that we can continue to offer the high level of support that our customers expect.”

As they settle in, our newbies are bringing renewed energy, a wealth of experience and a tonne of new ideas for how we can better support our customers – right from when they choose their first, shiny new piece of software, through to when they become long-established partners, and we like to think, friends.

Moving into the next phase, we are significantly expanding our development team. You might have heard me talk about how we are reimagining our home care technology; we’ve big ambitions, working towards our vision of a connected, collaborative, data-driven home care sector.

To make this vision a reality, we are adding to our highly-skilled engineering team – the powerhouse at the centre of Unique IQ. These are the inventive people who are making it possible to push the boundaries of what care management software can do, pairing the very best of technology, with the needs of home care providers at heart.

2020 has not been an easy year, but I count myself extremely fortunate that we have continued to grow, and that we are able to exit the year feeling excited and inspired about what 2021 will bring.

Thank you to all of you who have stayed with us on this journey so far, I hope it continues long into the future.