Focus on the most important thing. Care.

By David Lynes, Managing Director of Unique IQ

Imagine one system, with the very best of technology that puts the needs of home care providers at its heart – helping you focus on the most important thing. Care.

Something new is coming from Unique IQ.

These are exciting words to write.

For the best part of this year, the Unique IQ team has been reimagining our home care technology; working towards our vision of a connected, collaborative, data-driven home care sector.

In this most topsy-turvy of years, we have witnessed the game-changing shift in attitudes towards technology, and its rapid adoption across the many facets of care delivery and management.

We have observed the Care Quality Commission’s transition towards making technology a core component of its regulatory approach. It is a welcome move – with digitising inspections and utilising real-time data collection to present a more accurate, up-to-date picture of care helping to reduce the administrative burden on care providers that inspections traditionally bring with them.

We have heeded the call for data about home care from sector leaders (Care England’s Professor Martin Green, William Laing, Rosamund Roughton et al.). Social care, domiciliary care particularly, is desperate for an accurate, accessible and holistic evidence base for the lifeline it provides to 1 million older and disabled people each year, enabling them to remain independent at home.

And we have spent time with the home care providers that use our software already – the people who trust us as partners in how they operate. We have watched them do their amazing work. We have studied how they do their jobs. Together we have explored how they might be able to do things differently, to enhance the way they deliver care. And above all, we have listened to what they have told us they need.

Something new is coming from Unique IQ.

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