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Improve Business Operations in 2016 with IQ:timecard

Businesses which are always striving to improve performance, quality and productivity are planning to utilise the advantages of IQ:timecard in 2016. The remote workforce management software can streamline business operations and ensure departments work together to increase output and manage staff successfully.

Investing in technology can have a positive effect for companies according to the Global Technology Adoption Index by Dell Inc. Business leaders embracing new technologies are more likely to experience growth, with companies surveyed stating a 53% higher rate in revenue growth than organisations not making similar investments. As the digital era brings new ways to do business, those companies fighting the change are expected to get left behind.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “From cloud storage to data security, there are so many new technologies available to businesses now and it can be quite overwhelming. Our intuitive software is easy to use and brings call monitoring and time and attendance tracking into the 21st century. By introducing a system which is simple and effective for employers and employees, you’ll notice improvements in all areas of the business.”

First and foremost, IQ:timecard is designed to improve the clocking in and out process, for which many businesses still rely on paper timesheets. The paper method is open to staff fraud, and then entering in the data for payroll is a time consuming task which can lead to more errors. The electronic call monitoring solution manages your remote workforce, clocking up hours worked and flagging up any issues such as non-attendance. This is then automatically synced with the payroll system, removing the possibility of overpaying or underpaying staff for hours worked.

Because the software does everything automatically, admin staff can focus on other tasks and improve productivity in other areas of the business. Companies could also make savings by reducing the number of hours worked in the office due to the payroll data entry task being removed from business operations. Also, employees will be happier knowing that all hours will be logged correctly and they will automatically get paid for any overtime.

Mr Lynes added, “Aside from the obvious benefits of the software, IQ:timecard can help to create an engaged and happy team of staff. It can even help with staff retention, as getting paid on time and for the correct amount of hours worked is an important factor for employees.”