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How to run a successful contract cleaning company

If you have been working in the industry for a while, with a passion for cleanliness and an attitude for business, you may decide to start a new career path and open up your own contract cleaning company. And if you’re having entrepreneurial thoughts, now is a great time to do so as the cleaning sector is set to grow by £100m in 2016 – imagine what it could mean for the next coming year too!

Our time and attendance software helps many businesses that use a remote workforce to run smoothly, including a wide range of contract cleaning businesses across the UK. We want to see this industry thrive, so if you’re thinking about taking the next step in your career, here is how to run a successful contract cleaning company:

Start with the staff

At the beating heart of any business, no matter what the industry it is in, lays its staff. The way you treat and train your workforce can play a big part in dictating the success of your business. Without skilled, motivated and hardworking staff you simply won’t please your clients, and your business won’t grow, so focusing on building and supporting a workforce you are proud of should be a main priority for those starting out in the sector. Actions such as ensuring they are always paid on time, are rewarded for their hard work and that they have access to the tools and supplies needed to complete their job can help to keep your workforce happy, motivated and performing to the best of their ability.

Set standards

Invest time in teaching your staff the standards of cleaning you expect them to perform for your clients. Even with the best of intentions, different companies will have different standards. Ensure that your workforce is aware of yours so that every job can be completed consistently.

Have excellent timekeeping

Time management is key to ensuring that high standards of work are completed efficiently when running a business that relies on work from clients or contracts. An efficient company can cater to more clients, ultimately helping it to grow. Investing in a workforce management system such as IQ:timecard can help business owners to easily schedule and keep track of remote working staff, while also providing instant communication between management and employees if a problem occurs during each job.

Target your services

There are lots of specialities within the contract cleaning sector including home cleaning, office cleaning, industrial cleaning and more. In order to raise the profile of your business quickly, choose one sector to start off with and streamline your services towards it. This way, you will offer tailored solutions to your clients, resulting in customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals to similar clients.

If you’re thinking of starting up a contract cleaning company, IQ:timecard can help you to streamline your workforce effectively. Head online to book your free demo today!