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Home care workers can be paid fairly with accurate time and attendance solution

Disputes over pay can often appear with workers that aren’t salaried, relying on an honest policy between both staff and management in order to calculate monthly payments accurately. With a job role that involves travelling and long changeable hours, the home care sector is often under fire for paying its workers unfairly. And with additional pressure facing these companies, juggling both government cuts and minimum wage rises, these disagreements are becoming more commonplace. The remote workforce management technology from IQ:timecard helps businesses with a remote workforce to comply with minimum wage requirements, providing management with data to calculate mileage, travel and other additional expenses clearly.

An employment tribunal is due to take place as employees of care work contractor Sevacare claim they are being paid at a rate of £3.27 an hour. The national living wage was £7.20 an hour at the time that the workers were being paid this smaller amount. Sevacare argue that the workers were paid fairly, but were also expecting hours that it deemed to be ‘off-duty’ to be covered. IQ:timecard provides businesses with a simple dashboard, clearly showcasing the movements of each member of staff during their working day. Using this any disputes of hours, time spent travelling, and ways in which staff are paid can be discussed using accurate and tangible data.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ said, “In order to run a successful business, it is important to ensure that fair payment policies are in place. This will keep your staff happy and motivated which in turn will results in them performing better work for your clients. However, we understand that it can be hard for businesses to keep up with the minimum wage requirements when staff are working changeable and flexible hours.”

The remote workforce management software IQ:timecard can be used as a traditional call monitoring system, or it can be installed as an app onto any smartphone or tablet. Whichever method is preferred, staff simply either call a dedicated number or tap a screen whenever they arrive or depart from a shift. This data is then logged into a central system in real time, ready to be analysed by management. Human error that may appear when using conventional, paper time sheets is removed, and a clear insight into working patterns is achieved.

David continued, “It is imperative that managers are in control over the scheduling of their staff, understanding how many hours are worked each week in order to budget accordingly. As well as helping to comply with minimum wage, this improved insight will help to process travel and other additional hours and expenses. IQ:timecard empowers business owners with the data to do this.