Hot drink to prevent flu

Using IQ:careplanner to record the uptake of flu vaccinations amongst home care workers

In the July heat, thoughts of winter colds and sniffles seem very far away. But in preparation for flu season, NHS England is currently surveying health and social care workers to understand the uptake of its influenza vaccine programme.

Home care agencies are being encouraged to take part in the survey, indicating how many of their care workers received a flu jab last autumn. The data collected will help NHS England plan its vaccination programme for the year ahead, with the aim of keeping more people healthy over winter.

Being able to collect data of this type is one of the ways in which Unique IQ’s IQ:careplanner software can be used to maintain accurate workforce records. The system’s carer records feature can be used to log the uptake of flu jabs amongst domiciliary care agency workers. Alongside training, certification and other HR requirements, the ‘care support worker’ screens enable home care agencies to document key dates and information relating to their personnel.

Using Unique IQ's IQ:careplanner to record flu vaccinations amongst home care workers

An example of the ‘care support worker’ screen in Unique IQ’s IQ:careplanner, which can be used to record flu vaccinations


Common uses for this feature include car insurance renewals and DBS checks, with flu vaccination dates easily added to the employee record, making it possible to track the uptake of the vaccination programme amongst care workers.

As NHS England is keen to stress, vaccinating carers against flu helps to provide protection for both care workers themselves and the people they care for, reducing the spread of the virus and saving lives. NHS England routinely offers the flu vaccine to care workers through GP surgeries and pharmacies, in addition to vaccination programmes offered by home care agencies.

The flu vaccination survey is open until 5th August and can be accessed here.

For more information about how IQ:careplanner could help your home care agency manage its roster of staff, including maintaining up to date records of key information such as vaccinations, please get in touch with Unique IQ on 0800 888 6868 or email