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Easy switches facilities managers can make to go green in 2017

‘Going green’ is something placed very high on the agenda of many modern businesses. When working in facilities management you are in a fantastic position to make these environmentally friendly dreams become a reality, responsible for sourcing and managing resources such as cleaning, lighting and more that can easily be changed to create a much ‘greener’ strategy for the office you are in charge of.

The New Year provides an opportunity like no other to implement new plans – if your clients want to go green in 2017, here are some simple switches you can make to help make it happen!

Cut back on chemicals in cleaning

Cleaning is an area that can be dramatically transformed to keep in line with any environmental agenda. If your client’s cleaning is outsourced to another company, choose one that is actively ‘green’. This means that they use products that can cleanse an office effectively, without containing many of the harmful chemicals that has become so commonplace in this industry. If your company provides the cleaning, invest in such products and ensure that the solutions you buy for offices such as washing up liquid, multi-surface cleanser and more are also free from such dangerous ingredients.

Reduce paper use

The dream of a paperless office has been in the pipeline for many organisations for a number of years now – take the opportunity to make this dream become a reality in 2017. There are many companies that can provide document scanning services as well as specialist solutions such as a digital mailroom or automated invoice processing to give businesses a paper-free kick start.

(This is an area that can also be addressed for Facilities Management companies, using our workforce management solution. Try a free demo online to discover how our software can reduce the need for paper invoices, timesheets and other physical operational documents)

Go LED with lighting

Many traditional light bulb styles such as incandescent and halogen are being phased our across Europe due to energy inefficiency. As a result, the range of LED light bulbs that are now available is extensive, meaning there is no excuse not to switch to this long-lasting form of lighting. Spotlights, strip lights and conventional light bulb types can all be directly replaced by LED alternatives as a low cost, eco-friendly way to illuminate any office.

How will you be helping your clients to enjoy the benefits of a greener office in 2017? We’d love to know!