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Care Quality Commission Hits Back at 15-Minute Dementia Visits – IQ:timecard Can Help With Home Care Scheduling

One of the UK’s leading remote workforce management resources is helping home care providers to comply with new rules from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who are preparing to penalise home care providers that offer home visits of just fifteen minutes to clients suffering dementia.

IQ:timecard is one of the UK’s leading time and attendance solutions, and commonly used in the home care industry. The solution is proving to be an ideal way for managers to take control of employee schedules and shifts, and make sure that their clients are getting the care that they need – especially those who are made vulnerable by conditions like dementia. The thinking behind the Care Quality Commission’s new punishments is that short visits of fifteen minutes are likely to confuse dementia sufferers further, and do not offer enough time for the needs of the client to be met – but IQ:timecard’s feature-rich software and employee monitoring solutions can help HR departments to better manage their employees’ time, resulting in better care and longer visits.

David Lynes, of IQ:timecard, says, “The new inspection regime being imposed by the CQC is a welcome one for many home care clients and companies – it means that the most vulnerable members of society will not be passed over or confused with short visits that don’t fully cater to their needs. Our service can play a key role in helping managers come to terms with these changes; IQ:timecard has features that help in the scheduling of shifts for certain employees, and the management of their time, ensuring that they give the care that is required and are permitted to spend more than fifteen minutes at a given location.”

The Chief Inspector of the CQC, Andrea Sutcliffe, told The Times that ultimately, this was an issue about needs being met. Fifteen-minute visits are said to be ineffective in supporting elderly clients, and are not appropriate for those who are most in need of home care services. It calls for better management from companies who need to set aside more time for their most vulnerable clients and ensure that their employees are spending the right amount of time meeting their needs.

Time and attendance solutions like IQ:timecard help to track how many hours an employee has worked, and how much time they spent at a certain location. By using a simple touch tone phone system, the software allows employees to clock in and out when they reach certain locations, giving managers a better insight into how long their employees are spending caring for their clients. This can be a significant contributing factor in the improvement of services for dementia patients at home – if home care management teams can track their remote workforce and see how time is being spent, they can optimise it and empower their teams to become more productive, more effective, and to offer better standards of care.