Allow your staff to work from home for better productivity, says IQ:timecard

Whilst UK residents have a legal right to request flexible working, enabling them to work from home or to change their start and finish times, some employers may be wary about the implications of this if the requests were accepted. IQ:timecard, a key player in the realm of remote workforce management, urges business owners to embrace the opportunity that this new way of working can bring to them, highlighting the benefits that can be enjoyed when allowing staff to operate remotely.

When approached with a request for flexible working, many managers worry that this will affect efficiency and as a result, the level of an employee’s output. However, the time and attendance experts call for a new way of thinking as fresh studies are revealed. A report, compiled by online retailer, found that over half of the workers questioned believed that they completed tasks more successfully from a home environment, reversing the common assumptions associated with home working.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard said, “The UK has introduced legislation that gives workers the right to request a flexible schedule, but this concept is relatively new to many managers, bringing with it concerns over the impact this will have on their business. Studies, such as the recent survey by CartridgePeople, show that these worries are unnecessary.”

The survey, titled ‘SOHO (Small Office/Home office) Workers Report’ also found that only 5% of the 1,096 British workers questioned thought that working from home had a negative effect on their productivity. Many employees will request to work from home or to change their starting and finishing hours in order to successfully balance both their professional and personal commitments.

David continued, “In fact, the modern workforce will expect these opportunities as standard, according to UBS Wealth Management’s report, ‘Future of the Workforce’ that was also released this year. Employers should not be scared about the effects of working from home, but should embrace the opportunities it presents for boosting productivity, loyalty and overall engagement within a business.”

The regulations regarding flexible working, as published on the Gov.UK website, state that all employers must deal with each request in a ‘reasonable manner’. Failure to do so could results in an employment tribunal.

IQ:timecard helps businesses respond to this growing demand for flexible working, allowing companies to operate in a way that enables the workforce of the future.