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A Third of Brits Faking Sickies

This is largely true for the majority of workforces, there is the occasional exception. According to the latest statistics from Actimel, nearly a third of Brits have taken a fake sick day.

Women are most likely to do so as they feel pressure with their workload, while men often need to recover from a hangover following heavy drinking. Interestingly, 20% of men also skived off because they felt bored with their jobs, and would prefer to spend the day relaxing at home. Other popular reasons include binging on Netflix, meeting up with friends and catching up on general life admin.

This poses the question, how can businesses manage the sick days of their employees? While it is perfectly OK to take time off work in the case of genuine illness, continuous ‘fake days’ are seriously counterproductive. In the UK, sick days cost employers a huge £28 billion a year. For small to medium sized businesses with modest workforces and limited budgets, the cost of ongoing ‘sickies’ can be company crippling.

So how can SMEs take a stand against unwarranted sickies? Here are our top tips on keeping attendance sky high.

Invest in absence management software

From a logistical point of view, absence management software is an effective way to keep track of employee absence rates. If workers know that their sick days are actively being tracked they’ll be far less likely to spontaneously call in ill. It will also arm you with data to confront individuals if sick days become unreasonable.

Offer incentives

Offering employees incentives for stellar attendance is a great way to minimise sick days. This will discourage them from taking time off work, purely for the sake of it.

Create a healthy office

Sure, fake sick days are a problem. But you can also minimise the risk of real sick days by offering your employees a healthy work environment. Pepper the office with air purifying plants, provide a constant flow of filtered water, order daily deliveries of fresh fruit, introduce health incentives and so on. This will help keep your employees healthy, happy and in top working form.

With over 30% of the UK workforce admitting to faking a sickie, it’s highly likely that your business has been duped at some point or another.  Avoid it escalating into a serious issue by following the above suggestions, and checking out our absence management software solutions.