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Unique IQ tailors home care management solution further following acquisition of Care Planning System, forming IQ:careplanner

Unique IQ has further focussed its workforce management offering towards the home care industry as it acquires digital care planning platform, Care Planning System, integrating the businesses to form IQ:careplanner. Combining the innovative time and attendance technology from IQ:timecard with the home care management applications found on Care Planning System, companies can benefit from an integrated set of solutions, specifically tailored towards improving the services of health care providers.

Unique IQ has been working closely with the home care industry for years, helping organisations to improve efficiency and streamline processes with its state-of-the-art staff planning system. With solid insight into the needs of the sector, the acquisition of Care Planning System, to form IQ:careplanner, sees the enhanced capabilities of its existing solution to form a fully integrated platform to revolutionise the way home care businesses operate.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ revealed, “We have leveraged the industry focussed capabilities of Care Planning System with our unique workforce management functionality to create IQ:careplanner, a platform that was built with the home care services in mind. Using our new solution, companies can produce accurate and efficient schedules, care plans, manage both client and employees. Streamlined workflows save money and time enabling staff to focus more energy on providing great levels of care rather than time-consuming admin duties.”

Alongside other care planning functionalities, IQ:careplanner introduces a new methods of creating efficient, effective care plans and schedule data. With a ‘best match’ function, the integrated software will allocate care workers for each job depending on their distance from the visit, service user preferences, care worker skills, qualifications and more, benefiting both staff and clients with the best suited employee for the job, every time.

David continued, “The integrated solutions can now be used as a portal of communication between management and staff, easily notifying employees of meetings or appointments, giving easy, remote access to important documents and reducing processing of timesheets and other admin tasks down to a simple, virtual procedure. In an industry that is constantly strained for time, yet relies on it to continue great levels of service, IQ:careplanner and IQ:timecard can provide the ultimate solution.”

As well as aiding care workers throughout their day with timesheet access and scheduling reminders, the new software solution can streamline office processes, enabling tasks such as mileage reports, payroll, HR, compliance, invoicing and more to be completed much more efficiently.