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The care sector is constantly looking for ways to help provide a better quality of service and care to those who need it – with the end goal of achieving a high level of client satisfaction. This could include anything from increasing the standard of care to improving the amount of time that a caregiver has with their client.

Many businesses are starting to realise how a digital solution can help achieve this goal by reducing the amount of manual intervention needed by their care workers. Our software IQ:Passive gives your employees the ability to clock in and clock out of scheduled appointments automatically. This, therefore, eliminates the need for manual interventions like signing themselves in. The automated system uses GPS to indicate whether an employee has entered the appointment area and matches it with the time that they are supposed to be there.

With the sole purpose of increasing patient satisfaction, there are many different ways that this software’s features can assist in improving the quality of service in the care sector. Here are just a few:

Increasing the time spend with patients

The quality of service can be improved greatly with the use of IQ:Passive as there is no need to do anything manually upon arriving at an appointment. This therefore automatically puts the job at hand as the caregiver’s main priority. They can then see the client as soon as they enter the appointment, meaning they have more time to dedicate to the client.

Ensure employees are always present

If an employee hasn’t clocked into an appointment with a client, then this is manually shown to both themselves and the employee reminding them that they should be elsewhere. This can ensure that the clients are not left in the dark and send employees reminders if they are missing a vital appointment. This can also help their superior oversee who hasn’t been attending to their allocated patients.

Assists in the event of an emergency

Sometimes in the care industry, sudden emergencies can occur which demand the employee’s immediate undivided attention. With the IQ:Passive, when an emergency arises caregivers can focus solely on the necessary tasks and not having to manually clock in using a mobile device or a sign in sheet. This assists in giving the client the caregivers undivided attention.

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