IQ:timecard mobile app screenshot

Mobile app from IQ:timecard makes remote workforce management even more practical

As an increasing number of workplaces implement a work-from-home policy or create roles based away from the office, managing remote workforces effectively is crucial for businesses. Remote workforce management solution providers, Unique IQ, built upon its existing call-monitoring solution, IQ:timecard, making this process even easier with the use of a mobile app.

As a recent development from Unique IQ, the time and attendance solutions company now offers an intelligent app that allows workers to clock in and out of a shift with a few simple taps on their smartphone. This dramatically reduces the time workers have to spend logging their hours as well as allowing management to clearly track the daily attendance of their workers. The easy to use interface also makes using the app straightforward and hassle free for all members of staff, regardless of their technical know-how and ability.

David Lynes, director of Unique IQ, says “It can be difficult to manage your workforce when your staff are not all based at a central office location – at Unique IQ our sole mission is to make this management process easier. Our smartphone app makes attendance tracking simpler for both workers and management teams, allowing workers to clock in and out with minimal effort on their part, as well as giving management a clear view of the hours that workers are doing.”

The mobile app for IQ:timecard is available for use on all smartphones that have access to the Google Play or Apple store.

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As well as reducing the time spent on logging working pattern data to a few seconds, the app includes additional features that can help remote staff and management communicate more effectively. Employees can see their shifts allocated for that week and are notified of any last minute changes. The app is fully customisable to suit the preferences of the user.

Founded in 2003, Unique IQ began offering intelligent and innovative workforce management solutions from its inception. The company’s original call-monitoring system involved workers calling a number and entering their pin to clock in and out. This initial system revolutionised workforce management, offering a simple time and money saving alternative to traditional paper time sheets. The recent app builds on this strong history of innovation by offering an attendance tracking solution that is even more time saving and cost effective for businesses.