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What makes an effective care planning system?

The care planning system used by a home care provider can dramatically affect the standard of service that is received by its clients. With no consideration of factors such as distance away from a call, specific skillsets or the need for communication, visits can get cut short, staff can feel overworked and a sub-standard level of care is experienced by those that rely on this vital service. As we reach a pivotal point in the industry where it is clear that current systems don’t meet the needs of the current sector, we take a look at what does make an effective care planning system.


Home care is not a ‘mass produced’ industry, and every person that uses its services will have their own set of complicated needs, such as medical requirements or location, for consideration. For this reason, it is important to personalise the way in which we produce care plans. IQ:careplanner has a unique ‘best match’ function, allocating a carer to a call based on their suitability. This is decided through factors such as qualifications, skillset and distance from the call. Using this innovative feature, one simple difference in the way that workers are scheduled can make a dramatic change for the better.

Better communication

Scheduling employees is just one component of care planning, and an effective system will greatly improve communication between staff and management. As an industry that doesn’t operate with a central office environment, acting as a portal of communication is essential for sharing information such as a client’s medical records, reducing the risk of making fatal errors. Another challenge faced in this remote-working industry is the safety of staff when making visits alone, so lone worker safety alerts are also necessary for a fully rounded, successful care planning and management tool.


When always on the go, and with such a busy schedule, sometimes a helping hand is needed to keep visits timely. A good care planning system will incorporate vital alerts to keep staff notified and on-schedule.

These are just a few factors that can accumulate towards better, more efficient management in the home care sector, helping to lead the industry towards a brighter future. IQ:careplanner, our newly launched home care-focussed staff management software uses all of the features listed above to revolutionise the sector as we know it.

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