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IQ:timecard Recommends Improved Online Security for Mobile Workers

IQ:timecard, one of the UK’s leading providers of payroll solutions and workforce monitoring systems, is urging all businesses that operate with mobile employees to review their security policies, in light of the plethora of security risks that can threaten businesses.

A recent survey by Vanson Bourne found that 71% of UK companies are concerned about mobile security and believe it needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. With theft, data loss, hacking, malware and unsecure networks ranked as the top five security issues these businesses must deal with, employees with mobile employees are urged to consider their security policies to prevent stolen information, lack of productivity and even a malicious hacker gaining entry to their system.

David Lynes, of IQ:timecard, which provides electronic call monitoring solutions to businesses with mobile employees, says, “When businesses rely so much on mobile devices in order to function, there is always the worry that a security issue could arise. Whether an unsecure network enables hackers to see sensitive client information, or a stolen mobile device prevents employees from clocking in, there are a multitude of issues that can prevent businesses from running smoothly and effectively.”

He adds, “At IQ:timecard, we would strongly urge all businesses operating with mobile employees to review their security policies within the coming months. The rapid increase in our reliance on mobile devices has seen many businesses left behind with regards to how to manage the new technology, and we’d encourage these businesses to bolster themselves against mobile security threats to the best of their abilities, rather than leaving it to chance.”

Theft was ranked as the top security concern in as many as 78% of the organisations surveyed by InformationWeek. 45% of firms had experienced data loss within the last year, and a Forrester report found that 69% of IT managers are very concerned about mobile viruses and malware. Hacking is also a concern – all of the top 100 paid-for Android apps and 56% of the top Apple iOS apps have experienced hacking, says research by a security firm.

In order to protect not only their clients and their business, but their employees too, businesses must move fast to secure themselves against these threats. Occurrences like loss and theft of devices can’t be helped, but systems can be put into place to prevent any others from obtaining sensitive information. Firewalls and comprehensive malware protection software are also a priority in helping to keep systems safe.

All information stored through IQ:timecard is locked away on a secure server, with multiple authentication and password protection to ensure total compliance.