Carer and client smiling at eachother

How To Build A Strong Homecare Workforce

For many of our clients, building a great team of home carers is top priority. The remote workers, the staff making huge numbers of client visits every day, are the ones who keep the home care industry on its feet, and its essential that businesses operating within this sector are cultivating motivated, skilled teams that are able to offer the best care to service users.

We’ve taken a look at some of the things businesses in home care will need to bear in mind when putting together their team of home care workers:

Keeping staff motivated

Home care is notorious for its high staff turnover rates, and with high workloads and tough tasks faced on a daily basis, it can be hard to keep the workforce motivated and engaged. Creating a great home care team means finding ways to keep staff motivated, whether that’s offering certain incentives or benefits, giving staff flexibility over shifts and working hours, or simply offering words of encouragement to ensure all team members know they’re a vital cog in the machine.

Tracking and monitoring staff

In order for a team to be efficient, their efforts when working remotely need to be monitored. By tracking things like the time of check-ins at client locations, supervisors can verify that all staff members are pulling their weight. A solid time and attendance solution can provide an excellent foundation to a blossoming home care team.

Adequate rest time

Home care is a very demanding sector, with staff often putting in shifts in excess of twelve hours. It’s therefore essential that all workers are given adequate rest time between their shifts, not only because this is the law (according to the EU Working Time Directive), but because tired and overworked staff members are more likely to make errors. Staff also need to strike a balance between their work life and their home life – being as flexible with shifts as possible and ensuring that staff are not missing out on precious time with their families and friends is a great way to breed loyalty within a team.


When staff are offered regular training, they feel invested in. They are more likely to give their all for an organisation if they feel they are appreciated, and not simply stuck in a dead-end position with no opportunity for progress. Training also has the added advantage of ensuring that your team are up-to-date on best practices at all times, to minimise the risk of problems or mistakes.