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‘Care to talk?’ is a new podcast for care managers, care agency owners and directors, registered managers HR professionals, carers and policymakers that work within the care sector.

With recruitment and retention remaining one of the biggest challenges for those managing and leading caring businesses, wellbeing and mental health are key factors in maintaining a happy, healthy and engaged workforce.

Brought to you by Unique IQ’s Sales Director Lee Trueman, and influential mental health advocate Marc Caulfield, ‘Care to talk?’ dares to explore the real issues affecting the mental health and wellbeing of those that work within the care sector.

Each episode hones in on the topics that care leaders are facing, with Marc and Lee covering the strategies and systems that can help build better resilience, togetherness and openness in caring teams. Facing these issues with warmth, experience and positivity, ‘Care to talk?’ is like a well-needed catch-up with trusted friends, where the world can be set to right.

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More about Marc and Lee

Marc Caulfield is a mental health advocate that runs Marc Caulfield Ltd, a consultancy that helps support businesses with wellbeing policies, wellbeing seminars and programmes of change. Marc is an influential and celebrated mental health speaker (with a number TED talks under his belt), and talks honestly about his own mental health journey – including undiagnosed anxiety, depression and self-medication. With personal experience of family members receiving care, Marc is passionate about supporting the mental health of care workers.

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Lee Trueman joined Unique IQ as Sales Director in 2022, with previous roles managing and leading sales and commercial teams that deliver innovative technology to caring organisations. With a vast amount of experience motivating and managing teams, Lee has a particular interest in supporting mental health awareness. Fighting his own battles with imposter syndrome and anxiety, Lee is now sharing his experiences to help others going through similar challenges.

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Care to talk? is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with CloserStill Media – the organisers of two of the care industry’s biggest live shows.

Listen live to the big season finale of Care to talk? at the Residential & Home Care Show at ExCeL London on 26th April 2023, part of Health + Care.

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