Our Mission

We aim to become the leading name in the delivery of innovative software solutions addressing a range of core business activities.

IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner was born out of a desire to develop an innovative and affordable solution that effectively addresses the headaches inherent to remote and mobile workforce management. Incorporating our advanced technical knowledge and detailed understanding of the challenges of attendance time tracking, Unique:IQ is a technology service and software company with a remit to remove the pain of managing a mobile workforce.

IQ:timecard was developed by Unique:IQ, a technology  company that uses the very latest digital breakthroughs to spearhead creative solutions.

Founded in 2003, UniqueIQ’s IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner systems successfully operates across a range of sectors including the home care industry, contract cleaning and security. We are rapidly growing and recognised for our innovative service capabilities – a legacy of many years at the forefront of the technology industry. We operate both nationally and internationally and place a premium on transparency and teamwork. With a solution strategically designed to support the ever changing needs of homecare and healthcare service providers, Unique:IQ offers a competitive edge coupled with improved remote workforce management and financial controls.

Making electronic homecare monitoring and management easy, we understand that controlling expenditure without lowering standards gives a significant advantage over industry rivals when it comes to bidding for business and this includes dealing with the public sector.

As far as employees go, feedback has been nothing but positive. These are the caregiver’s who are using the service day-in, day-out, relying on it to ensure they are paid correctly and to alert their office team to arrivals and departures; they have found it to be successful at monitoring their activity overall, and it has increased their efficiency greatly

Sadie Boundy, Home Instead UKUsed in over 180 Home Instead Branches Throughout the UK and Ireland

The fact that IQTimecard saved us valuable time on that front was certainly a bonus but, for me, its most important feature was its ability to eliminate fraud. We’ve got around 500 employees so it’s important that we keep track on all of them and make sure they’re working the hours they say they are as our reputation depends on it


I estimate that IQtimecard has reduced our man hours by about 40 per cent, which gives me extra time to go out and win more contracts

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Openness in communication, transparency and a pledge to not cut corners.


Consistent dedication to and pursuit of the highest standards.


As a team we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Creativity and Innovation

Solution led ideas and products that answer questions others have not yet asked.