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Top 5 Most Dangerous Lone Worker Jobs

Anyone working alone is at more risk of harm than employees who don’t work alone. However, in some careers it is unavoidable and being a lone worker can become a part of everyday life. Lone working always carries potential danger, but depending on the actual work which is being carried out, some jobs are more dangerous than others. We’ve put together Unique IQ‘s list of the riskiest lone worker jobs – read on to find out who is at high risk.


Agriculture is a dangerous business, and it is especially dangerous when working alone, as many farmers do on a regular basis. Farmers or forestry workers not only have to operate dangerous machinery, but they are also out in the open, far away from help if it is needed. According to the Health and Safety Executive, farmers have the second most dangerous job in the UK, after builders. A number of fatalities occur, from industrial accidents and angry animals.

Care Workers/Community Nurses

Community nurses who have to visit patients in their homes, as well as personal care assistants, are at risk of verbal and violent abuse. There are measures that companies can take, but with lone workers on other people’s property, you can never completely remove the risk. As well as the risk of abuse from patients and relatives, these workers also have the risk of being attacked outside if they carry drugs.

Security Guards

At night, many security guards work alone to patrol property or monitor CCTV. As there is only one person looking after the building, it is the perfect time for opportunistic criminals to strike. Security guards have been injured and even killed by thieves, making this a highly dangerous job.

Retail Workers

In small stores and petrol stations, especially those open at night, retail workers often work alone. While it doesn’t seem as risky as being a security guard on the night shift, thieves will also target these facilities when there is only one member of staff protecting the till. Shopworkers can be held hostage and forced to hand over cash, and sometimes injured or threatened.

Council Staff

Some job roles within local government require home visits to members of the community which may not make staff feel welcome. These roles include social workers, housing officers and Environmental Health Officers. Employees may need to visit a home to remove a child or visit a business to shut it down – both are scenarios that have an element of danger as people could react badly to the council worker.

The safety of lone workers should always be paramount. In most cases, remote workforce monitoring software can alert managers to any abnormal activity, but other measures should also be put in place for these high-risk jobs.

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