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Care planning, call monitoring and workforce management software for home care agencies. Automate processes, increase efficiency and reduce reliance on paper notes.


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Unique IQ’s home care software provides a complete care planning and remote workforce management solution for domiciliary care agencies.

Built with the needs of home care very much in mind, our twin systems – IQ:careplanner and IQ:timecard – enable domiciliary care agencies to manage every aspect of care provision and staffing.

With our care management software, home care agencies can schedule and roster visits, create care plans and set daily tasks, monitor service delivery in real-time, maintain care records including eMAR, manage payroll and HR functions, and much more.

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1. Plan & schedule

Plan care with IQ:careplanner. IQ:careplanner is our care planning software used by Registered Managers and other office staff to schedule care visits and keep important information about staff and service users all in one place. With IQ:careplanner, manage appointments and rosters from a colour-coded timetable screen and view new contacts, issues and reminders in a centralised dashboard.

Key features:

Agency dashboard - view business critical information at a glance, including unallocated visits, new messages from service users, staff training renewals and care plan review dates.

Scheduling & rostering - book ad-hoc or recurring visits and view available care workers and unallocated visits side-by-side for quick scheduling.

Best match feature - IQ:careplanner can allocate carers to service users based on Unique IQ's best match technology, taking into account care worker experience & skills, geography, continuity of care and service user preferences, along with many other factors.

Service user records - capture everything that’s relevant to a person’s care, including medical history and allergies, MAR sheets, preferences, risks and incidents, financial arrangements, professional and family contact details and access arrangements.

Care worker records - keep a log of important staff information, such as qualifications and training, recruitment and employment details, equipment log, pay and personal details.

Staff management - book and authorise holidays, sickness and training; record details of accidents and incidents, along with follow-up and monitoring.

Care planning - produce digital care plans directly from service user records. Upload your own templates and customise Care Plans for each service user.

Business customisation - set pay rates, upload document templates and personalise the system with your care agency's logo.

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2. Manage tasks

Manage your workforce with IQ:timecard. Set tasks and medications for planned visits using IQ:timecard, our electronic call monitoring system for domiciliary care agencies – with the option to set recurring activities and update in bulk. Send rotas and reminders out to carers, as well as setting standard routes and mileage rates for travelling in between appointments.

Key features:

Activity planning - allocate duties to care support workers during a scheduled appointment, including medications.

Automated rotas - generate rotas based on your IQ:careplanner schedule and send them automatically to care support workers on a daily or weekly basis.

Change alerts - send reminders and updates to carers via text or email if there is a change to schedules, tasks or medicines, including bulk messaging.

Live availability - find a suitable carer for last-minute cover, based on distance and continuity of care.

Communication log - view all communications in and out of the system, searchable by date and time, as well as type (e.g. alert/reminder) and format (e.g. SMS/email)

Mobile app controls - determine which information is visible to carers within their mobile apps, and set tolerance ranges for things like clocking in and out and GPS location

eMAR - view MAR sheets in real-time and make the latest version available to carers immediately via the mobile app.

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3. Deliver care

Deliver care with IQ:timecard MOBILE. Carers out in the field can use our IQ:timecard MOBILE app to have all the information they need at the touch of a button. Visit details, care plans and activity lists are all pushed directly to a care support worker's smartphone to access when needed. Whilst at a visit, carers can use the app to clock in and out, tick off tasks they complete and record medicines administered using our eMAR feature. They can also use the app to calculate journey times and routes to their next destination, as well as automating mileage claims.

Key features:

View schedules - carers can review current and future appointments, with client details such as addresses, family member contacts and key safe details included.

Automated clocking in and out - using a GPS lock, carers can clock in and out of a visit at the touch of a button, with a high degree of location accuracy. For carers without smartphones, we offer a freephone landline service for clocking in and out.

eMAR - MAR sheets can be filled in directly via the mobile app, avoiding delays and handwriting errors, as well as triggering alerts if a required medication is missed. Carers can receive reminders in advance of visits where medication is required.

Digital care plans - all service user care plans are available digitally on the mobile app, pushed directly from your IQ:careplanner account.

Voice input - carers can make notes on the mobile app using voice-to-text functionality, speeding up record keeping and freeing-up carers to have more face time with the people they’re caring for.

Journey planning - calculate routes between appointments using your favourite navigation app, such as Google or Apple maps.

Mileage claims - submit mileage claims at the end of a visit or later date based on routes travelled.

Unique IQ

4. Monitor in real time

Monitor care workers in real time using IQ:timecard. Back in the office, IQ:timecard is your real-time monitoring system for the delivery of care. Receive instant alerts if a carer fails to clock in or out, is late for an appointment or misses a medication – all triggered automatically by the IQ:timecard mobile app. Be assured that lone workers are safe, and that your service users have received the highest quality of care possible.

Key features:

Live status map - see a visual representation of all clock in and out activity in real time on a map. Click on a care worker straight from the map to send a text or email.

Lone worker alerts - receive alerts after failed and successful clock ins and clock-outs.

Exception flagging - flag visits that don’t meet your set criteria, such as clock-ins from unrecognised phone numbers, failed clock-outs or another factor that you have specified. Filter by flags in order to manage visits by exception.

eMAR - view medication status at a glance and in real-time with a traffic light system dashboard, sign-off MAR sheets and prevent carers from clocking out if essential medicine hasn’t been given.

Mileage tracking - approve and deny mileage claims and automatically calculate mileage reports for each of your carers.

Extensive reporting platform - view a whole range of reports relating to your care support workers, including hours worked, annual leave, National Living Wage compliance reports, plus many more.

Unique IQ

5. Pay and invoice

Pay and invoice with IQ:careplanner. Once care has been delivered, all data is automatically fed back to IQ:careplanner, enabling you to generate invoices, process mileage claims and accurately calculate payroll. Dynamic reporting functionality enables you to produce a full suite of reports, to view the information you need about the running of your home care agency.

Key features:

Payroll - view and approve timesheets, make payroll calculations and export to accounting systems such as Sage and Quickbooks.

Invoicing - generate accurate client and funder invoices from service delivery records.

Reporting - view IQ:careplanner’s standard in-built reports or build your own custom insights.

Risk management - track, monitor and resolve accidents, incidents and safeguarding issues.

Transparent care - give clients and family members access to information about their care through our secure client & family portal. Service users and family can send messages, book visits, share memories, note important dates and view details of the care that’s been delivered.

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Office staff can:Carers can:
View care in real-time View their schedule
Receive instant alerts when things go wrong See appointment details
Create care plans and real-time MAR sheets Receive important reminders
Schedule and roster carers Automatically clock in and clock out
Set tasks, medications and activities Plan journeys
Calculate payroll, mileage and invoices Submit mileage claims
Keep detailed staff and client records Instant message the office
Manage leave, sickness and training Book holidays and leave
Manage risk and monitor incidents Access digital care plans
Build custom reports

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