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Empowering Home Care with Dedicated Solutions.

At Unique IQ, we understand the profound impact that quality home care services have on individuals and communities. Our commitment to the home care sector is driven by a passion to support those who provide this vital service.

By combining our technological expertise with deep sector knowledge, we deliver solutions that not only streamline operations but also enhance the quality of care. Join us as we work hand in hand with home care providers, empowering them to make a difference every day.

Tailored Software for Comprehensive Home Care

Our suite of software solutions is designed with the unique challenges of the home care sector in mind. From intuitive care management systems to advanced rostering and scheduling tools, we offer a range of options to meet your specific needs. Each product is crafted to ensure that your agency can deliver exceptional care efficiently and effectively, backed by the support of our experienced team.

Care management software

Care planning software

Electronic call monitoring system

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Organising Care

Streamline Operations for Exceptional Care Delivery

Organising care is an intricate process that demands precision and flexibility. Unique IQ’s solutions simplify this complexity, enabling seamless scheduling, real-time updates, and efficient communication.

Our software ensures that every aspect of care planning and delivery is coordinated effortlessly, allowing you to focus on providing personalized, high-quality care to those who need it most.

Empowering Your People

Support and Develop Your Care Team

Our technology goes beyond operational efficiency; it’s about empowering your people. With tools that facilitate training, feedback, and communication, Unique IQ helps you support and develop a skilled, motivated care team. Our solutions enable caregivers to access vital information and resources on the go, enhancing their ability to provide compassionate, informed care.

Improving Performance

Drive Excellence in Home Care Services

Unique IQ’s solutions are designed to elevate the performance of home care agencies. Through detailed analytics and reporting, our software provides insights into service delivery, client satisfaction, and operational efficiency. This data-driven approach allows you to continually refine and improve your services, setting new standards for excellence in home care.


Streamlined Management Tools for Superior Care

Empower your home care agency with Unique IQ’s comprehensive management suite. Our intuitive tools simplify complex tasks, from client relations to staff coordination, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Carer Records

Staff Management

Key Dates

Payroll & Invoicing

Mileage Processing

Compliance Tracking

Training Modules

Scheduling & Rostering

Client Feedback


Unique IQ’s management suite is meticulously designed to address the multifaceted challenges of running a home care agency. From detailed carer records and efficient staff management to streamlined payroll and mileage processing, our tools provide the backbone for your agency’s operations. With added functionalities like compliance tracking and training modules, we ensure that every aspect of your management needs is covered. Our solution not only simplifies administrative tasks but also strengthens the foundation of your care services, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional care with confidence.

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