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Top tips for winning that commercial cleaning contract

Our intelligent time and attendance software helps many businesses across the UK to manage their remote workforces. We are proud to name lots of great contract cleaning companies amongst those that we help on a daily basis. As an industry that relies on regular contracts, we understand how important it is for a cleaning business to to get its pitch right in order to help the company grow. Are you searching for ways to win your next big commercial cleaning contract? Read on as we list some tips:

Lead by example

Before you try to sell yourself to other businesses, it is important to perfect your offering so that you are confident in the fact that you have a desirable service to sell. Spend time on training your staff and refining your procedures, and make sure to execute every job for your current clients excellently. Going above and beyond for these clients is likely to result in word of mouth referrals to neighbouring organisations.

Become a household name…

…in your local area! As a cleaning company, much of your trade is likely to come from businesses, offices, bars, restaurants and venues that are in the town or region where you are based. Each of these places will have a requirement for cleaning, so it is important that your company is the first name they think of whenever it is needed. Send stories or advertisements to your local newspapers or media outlets, and make your self know at community and business events, so that your brand becomes synonymous with high quality cleaning in your area.

Target directly

While you are waiting for companies to come to you, don’t waste any time in scouting out even more business! Identify the key industries or specific offices that you want to target, introduce your business and try to set up a meeting. Even if they are currently using another contract cleaning company, if you offer a great service that has been recommended by others, and you can give them a competitive quote, then they may be calling you sooner than you think.

The first step to winning that commercial cleaning contract is being confident in the service that you have to offer. Find out how Unique IQ’s remote workforce management software can streamline your workforce to leave you with happy clients every time!

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