The benefits of time-saving software in home care

Everyone has days when they wish there were more hours in the day, but how we use the hours that are given to us is vital to being successful – especially in the care industry. With the care industry becoming more and more competitive, it is important to understand the different aspects of time management and how it can benefit employees at all levels of your organisation.

What does time management software do?

Home care time management software is a tool that helps caregivers and home care agencies efficiently manage their schedules and tasks. It enables them to schedule visits, track caregiver activities, optimize routes, and ensure timely service delivery, ultimately improving productivity and client satisfaction

Increases efficiency and productivity

Implementing the skill of good time management will help you and your team be more productive in the work that you complete – making good use of the time that you are given. This is done by prioritising more employees to someone who may need more care than usual. As well as delegating tasks to suit the skills of your team to be completed at the best possible standard in the given time.

Helps quality decision making

When it comes to decision-making throughout your team, it can often take up time as you have to weigh up your options and come to the best possible conclusion which isn’t always an instant decision. Our software can help your team come to the conclusion of what is the best possible decision quicker and has all the required information, therefore giving both your service user and the team a better outcome.

Increases employee satisfaction

Satisfied carer checks their time management app

Happier employees are proven to provide a better standard of work than those who are unhappy. Stress and anxiety can be the leading factor of unhappiness in an organisation, with modern-day pressures taking their toll on employees. Having too much work to do with limited time to do it can be a source of this. Having the correct programme in place will provide your team with the information they need at ease, which in turn will reduce the stress of them having to source the information when it isn’t readily available when needed.

We understand that it is harder to manage the time of remote staff members who are not all in the same place during work hours. One way to streamline the communication between remote workers is with our top-of-the-range IQ:caremanager. This tool assists in managing your remote care workforce, with the system’s ability to increase time management including, scheduling and rostering, producing care plans, as well as invoicing and payroll. Care plans are automatically generated, reports are created automatically, and you receive all notifications in real-time. The automation of the software and instant reporting allows for the time that was otherwise spent on admin to be used on more productive tasks.

Handle scheduling and rostering

Creating an effective schedule is vital when creating efficiency and productivity within your workforce as it allows your team to know exactly where to go and what they need to do. IQ:caremanager gives you the ability to do this. Relieving stress from both you and your team, our system gives you the ability to schedule either ad-hoc or reoccurring visits to patients based on the employee’s availability, preferences, distance to the job, continuity, and qualifications.

Improves client management

IQ:caremanager has an integrated client/carer management system that has the ability to manage your employees and clients’ key records all in one place. As well as many other advantages, this system allows you to manage employee sickness and holidays. You can then re-assign another employee to a certain patient based on their qualifications and availability.

A major issue that HR teams face is knowing when to renew employees’ qualifications and this is admin time that could be spent on more productive tasks. Our software will automatically notify you when an employee’s qualification needs to be renewed, making it easier for staff to amend records when necessary. Not only that, but your HR team will also be able to set pay for your staff based on the national living wage.

Care plan production

Information about your clients will automatically be generated from their records, creating a personalised care plan. This can, therefore, show you how much support and time each client needs – and what your team needs to prioritise when caring for them.

For more information on how IQ:caremanager can assist you and your home care company in managing your time more efficiently, click here.