Cleaning workforce - real-time monitoring using smartphone app

As any manager of a cleaning workforce knows, monitoring time and attendance is an essential part of delivering a top quality service to clients.

That seed of doubt in a client’s mind as to whether their hired contractor turned up on time and really did what they said they did can be a contract killer. Time and attendance software then, can be the secret weapon for cleaning companies in providing evidence of service delivery. But what if you could do this in real-time?

More than just a time and attendance system, IQ:timecard from Unique IQ gives cleaning companies a real-time overview of their remote workforce. By utilising a mobile app or landline freephone number to clock in and out, cleaning businesses can accurately time and location stamp when their staff are on-site, with instant notifications alerting of a late or missed shift.

Real-time management

Displaying important performance data, such as calls per hour and job distribution, IQ:timecard’s interactive dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of the working day.

As data is displayed in real-time, notifications of delayed or missed appointments can be resolved quickly by office staff. Using IQ:timecard’s quick and effective communication feature, office staff can message in bulk via email or text message – particularly useful for sending out last minute changes to schedules, or even emergency messaging such as new infection control procedures. 

Jane Barber of Bolton Council comments on their experience of Unique IQ’s technology: “IQ:timecard provides our management team with the confidence that our remote staff are on site and completing their shifts. Before we started using IQ:timecard, it was the customer who would report our staff failing to turn up, thanks to the alert system we can be proactive in advising customers.” 

With the ability to change and adapt schedules based on the business’s need in real-time, cleaner productivity remains uninterrupted and business reputation high.

Immediate response

Other details, such as a live status map displaying GPS locations of clocked in staff promotes lone worker safety and reassurance they are at the scheduled visit.

By utilising the exclusive IQ:timecard MOBILE app or freephone number to clock in and out, cleaners can accurately provide evidence of their attendance to a scheduled visit. Using the smart-tech GPS technology built within the cleaner’s phone, a location stamp that includes time of arrival can be sent directly to the office staff when clocking in via the mobile app. This data provides office staff with a variety of information, including evidence of service delivery and actual working hours, useful for processing an accurate payroll. 

Somerset-based CCS Cleaning are long-standing users of IQ:timecard and pride themselves on rarely losing accounts due to the quality of service. Juliet Booker of CCS Cleaning said of IQ:timecard: “The system enables us to know exactly where our cleaners are, when they have clocked in and out, and helps to track their wages as well as ensuring lone worker safety. We tell prospective clients a lot about IQ:timecard; they are very impressed when we describe how we track our cleaners through the app, it gives further support that the service they are paying for has been completed as required.”

As well as receiving positive feedback and compliments from current users, IQ:timecard was recognised as one of the top products of the year in the 2020 Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards, with Unique IQ also named Birmingham’s ‘Business of the Year’ 2019. 

Managing Director of Unique IQ David Lynes said: “we feel that the real-time insight that IQ:timecard provides truly sets us apart from some of the other workforce management systems out there. That and our ethos. We work in genuine partnership with our clients to try to tackle the pain points that are typical in managing remote workforces. Some of the most innovative features of our software have come from a conversation with the people who are using it day in, day out.”

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