By implementing IQ:timecard, CCS Cleaning has a reliable time and attendance system in place, which has improved accountability amongst cleaning staff, improving service delivery and retention of high-profile contracts.

The Challenge

CCS Cleaning is based within the South West of England with around 200 field employees covering a range of business environments. The company offers services such as carpet and window cleaning, complete office cleanse and spruce up and a blitz clean.

With an annual turnover of £1.2m and high profile clients to manage, CCS Cleaning began its search for a time and attendance solution in early 2014.

Before IQ:timecard was implemented, CCS Cleaning had no accountability for staff working at a client’s premises, lacked a method of tracking how many hours they worked and whether their cleaners had remained at the scheduled visit for the allocated amount of time.

Unfortunately, clients had also begun to recognise the lack of attendance and substandard results of certain cleaners, which was backed up with evidence such as CCTV recordings.

The Implementation

Unique IQ worked closely with CCS Cleaning in summer 2014 to develop and implement IQ:timecard – an electronic call monitoring solution to solve their needs, including employee management, activity planning and reassuring lone worker safety.

Following in-depth training for their office staff, CCS Cleaning began tracking their cleaners’ performance, including their actual worked hours, attendance at scheduled visits and the location accountability through the IQ:timecard MOBILE app.

The team at CCS Cleaning found they had better control over their cleaning staff’s working time and the ability to monitor timekeeping more closely. Heightened integrity from staff members has also contributed to a more productive environment.

The Results

Implementing IQ:timecard has opened up several opportunities and growth for CCS Cleaning. The company’s ability to win new clients thanks to a trustworthy and accurate time and attendance system, combined with improving retention rates for existing clients has meant that the company saw immediate success, and it looks set to continue long into the future.

“We now find it easier to win new clients who are very impressed with the system we use here. We’ve also noticed that client retention has increased as staff work the full hours that our clients are paying for, yielding fantastic results.”

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