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Survey Reveals More Women Take Time Off Sick than Men

The European Health Interview Survey (2015) has revealed a ‘sickie gender gap’ with results noting 36% of women compared to 27% of men have taken sick leave from work in the last year. The official stats, released this month, also exposed that although women were more likely to take sick leave, men spent more time off on average – 16 days, compared to 14 for women.

David Lynes, Director of workforce management software solution Unique IQ, says, “This large scale survey questioned 13,000 people in Britain and certainly provided some interesting results. It also revealed that women make healthier life choices than men – such as eating more fruit and vegetables and better smoking and drinking habits. This discrepancy between lifestyles and time off work has led to analysts believing the reason women are calling in sick more often is to stay at home with their ill children when they are off school.”

He added, “Whatever the reason for the absence, our IQ:timecard software makes it simple for office staff to deduct working time from rotas and payroll for each worker.”

Although women were absent from work more frequently, it appears that men take longer stints of absence. On average, women take 14 days of sick leave per year while men typically took 16 days. Experts are predicting that women are more likely to throw a sickie not for themselves, but on behalf of their children. If kids are ill or sent home from school, mothers are thought to be more likely to take time off to care for children work than fathers.

Sickness and absence management can be an issue for many companies, for a number of reasons. Short term and long term sickness can pose different problems for businesses, including seeking last minute cover for job roles or putting extra pressure on other employees. In extreme cases absences can cause loss of contracts or customers, and result in a loss of profit for small businesses.

Moreover, regular sickness absences whether authorised or not can prove problematic for HR or the payroll administrator. Action needs to be taken, whether it’s to arrange sick pay or amend working hours so employees are only paid for working time.

Software such as IQ:timecard can assist with absence management, whether employees are off work for health reasons, personal problems or caring for family members. In companies which use Unique IQ’s workforce management software, each staff member clocks in and out, which automatically records working hours and calculates the correct pay for each week or month. By implementing the software, HR and admins don’t have to worry about recording absences as everything is routinely altered by the technology.

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