Unique IQ's core values

Our core values help to create a template of what our business is about; creating a picture for clients to understand what we offer, how we approach the development of our products and client support, as well as how we manage team and individual performances.

Read on to find out more and to gain an understanding of how our six core values are integrated into the everyday life of Unique IQ.

1. Integrity – High Moral Values

Since day one, Unique IQ has been driven by the passion for helping the end users of our products. We spur towards doing the right thing, even if there is a risk involved.

Luke, a Senior Developer at Unique IQ, said: “Working at Unique IQ really feels like I am creating a system that is making a genuine difference to someone.”

Although our products are technology-based, we are humans driving the company and building the software. This means that sometimes human errors will happen. But when they do, we place our priorities into fixing the errors and strive towards healing any bumps that may have occurred along the way.

2. Honesty – Open communication

Our ‘open door’ approach welcomes employees to express their ideas, passion and vision for Unique IQ. We encourage our team to share their thoughts, as they often bring forward new features and improvements to our system.  

The open communication doesn’t stop there; we have a strong connection to our board, sharing company updates, product progression and financial status. We keep our clients up to date with release notes and emails about the new features on our systems, including e-guides and the option to receive training with one of our support staff.

As part of our commitment to our clients, we are open about the status of our work and hold nothing behind closed doors. Honesty is key to providing the world-class service our clients have come to expect from Unique IQ, and we are incredibly proud to offer this continually.

3. Commitment – Exceed expectations

Our commitment comes in many forms, from the hard work that goes into developing our products, to the energy of our world class customer service – and everything in between. On every level of the business, we are committed to making the best of it and aim to exceed expectations along the way.

Laura Grant of Home Instead, Exeter and East Devon said: “The support we receive is responsive and effective. They listen individually to any concerns or feedback and then take action to implement what would benefit our organisation as a whole network”. 

As part of our commitment to clients, we tailor our products to the needs of a business, for example, we helped to create a custom-built system for Autism Together. Going above and beyond their needs to ensure we provided a future-proof product for years to come has helped to keep costs down and productivity high.

Richard Coward of Autism Together said: “We’re very pleased with all development work that has been done to customise the product to meet our ever-increasing requirements. Unique IQ’s development team are always very helpful, and when we need something urgently sorting, it always gets done.”  

4. Passion – Energy

The search for passionate people starts from the first step of recruitment. The Unique IQ office is always buzzing with energy; from 8am Monday until Friday afternoon and sharing beers as we reflect on our week, we are always looking for people who share the same drive as we do.

Our ultimate aim is to become the leading software company for the remote workforce management industry, and we ensure the people we recruit share the drive for this. Sharing this goal keeps us all on the same page and helps to ensure the quality of products we offer is of a high standard across the board.

We firmly believe the success of our products and the growth of our company stem from the energetic drive we all share.

5. Teamwork – Problem Solving

Teamwork can be seen throughout the office with our development team sharing a daily morning update meeting, the marketing team bouncing ideas over a cup of tea, or the support team working tirelessly together to efficiently solve queries from clients.

One of the great elements of Unique IQ is the management approach of working as part of a team. Both David Lynes (CEO & Founder) and Cheryl Guest (Operations Director) actively participate in team-building exercises as a leader and a member, helping to strengthen the communication and relationships within the departments.

Our teamwork has not gone unnoticed. We were awarded Business of the Year at the 2019 Birmingham Awards, and in 2020, we were named one of the top suppliers to the UK care industry. David Lynes said of the win: “It’s recognition for the whole team, particularly those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to continuously improve both our software and service to customers. I’m very grateful for all of the effort and hard work that the fantastic team at Unique IQ put in”.

6. Innovation – Solution Led

Since 2003, our products have been at the heart of Unique IQ. As technology has developed, so has our innovation to create solutions to challenges faced across the sectors we work with. We have made continuous progress in the world of business, software development and product production.

Unique IQ is a Home Care Award winner 2020In 2020, Unique IQ won the Home Care Award for ‘Best Technology, Data or Software Product’, and in 2021 we have been shortlisted for a host of awards that recognise our recent innovations.

Through listening to our clients, focusing on their needs and carrying out extensive market research, we have created solutions to help businesses deliver better services and improve performance, including an increase in profit and lowering risks.

We have lots planned for the future, and with new features on the horizon to help home care agencies further embrace technology to deliver better care, we are very excited for what’s next. Keep checking back for more announcements as they arrive!